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Affordable and Beautiful Playtime with Springfield Dolls {Review} #springfielddolls

My two girls love their dolls, they truly are some of their best friends. The dolls get dressed, play along with our real life, and go with on all of our daily excursions, just like a regular part of the family. We have many, many dolls, but they both really seem to favor dolls that look more like them and have more realistic characteristics.
There are many different styles of dolls on the market, many that run over $100 or more, just for the doll alone. Many families, including ours, don't always have the budget for dolls and accessories that are in that type of price range. Luckily, there are many other high quality options that are also affordable. That is where Springfield Dolls comes in, offering a collection of dolls that retail for just $21.99 per doll and are available at Jo-Ann Stores today.
Springfield Dolls is designed, manufactured, and marketed by Fibre-Craft Materials Corp. Established in 1953, Fibre Craft is known for their arts and craft supplies for children. For over 60 years, they have strived to maintain their high standards for quality and creativity and been a leader in the kids' creative activities business. The Springfield Collection is a fun and fashionable line of 18 inch dolls with clothing, accessories, and furniture. Each doll and accessory is sketched and designed with on-trend, fashionable, fun ideas and materials. You can also play along with your doll on their interactive site. The Springfield Collection mission is to provide children with fashion, fun and friendship.
This fall, when back to school shopping was in full swing, Springfield Dolls was releasing their Fall 2015 Doll Collection, including Ella, Paige, Alexis, Madison and Savannah.
·         Ella – a beautiful Latina doll with brown eyes dressed in an apple-green nightgown.
·         Paige – a sweet doll with brown eyes and long brown hair comes wearing a hot pink nightgown.
·         Alexis - an enchanting blue eyed, blonde haired doll wearing a bright blue nightgown that matches her eyes.
·         Madison - a gorgeous African-American doll with brown eyes, curly black hair in a yellow nightgown.
·         Savannah - a striking green eyed, red haired doll arrives wearing a purple nightgown.
The doll collection was extra special because Jo-Ann Fabric Stores was also carrying a exclusive clothing collection just for the Springfield Dolls. The collection offers a variety of tops, pants, skirts, dresses, and shoes, that are fashionable, affordable, and also have the ability to be mixed and matched for even more styling fun. The outfits are available for around $14.99.
Black dress with zebra shoes
• Panda T-shirt with silver sequin skirt
• Pink T-shirt with metallic heart and denim jeggings with embellishments
• Blue hi-low shirt with silver glitter design and black tuxedo pants with silver trim on sides
• Cropped top with 2 color star and striped tank underneath and solid black leggings
• Metallic sweatshirt and polka dot pants in blue
• Friendship printed T-shirt with silver glitter design on black sleeve and polka dot pants in pink
• White T-shirt with Paris print, floral printed leggings and pink patent shoes
• Lavender hooded jacket, athletic pants and lavender trimmed shoes
• Lime Camisole, polka dot pajama pants and lamb slippers
• Pink shrug over polka dot top, jean skirt and polka dot shoes
• Purple gown with gold glitter design on purple tulle, white gloves and black patent shoes

I was asked to select one of the five Springfield Dolls to review, along with an outfit of my choice from the Springfield Collection. I had a hard time choosing which girl and outfit would be perfect for the girls. Each doll is very lifelike, with eyes that open and close, long, smooth rooted hair that can be brushed and styled, and moveable arms and legs for posing. We could not wait for our package to arrive!
Our Springfield Dolls package is here!
One excited helper!
So curious to see what she will find.
Almost there...
"Oh Mom it's a doll and her clothes!"
"I Love Her!"
I selected Alexis for the girls. I felt like she was most similar to both girls and that they would both be pleased with her. Alexis is "an enchanting blue eyed, blonde haired doll wearing a bright blue nightgown that matches her eyes."
Alexis is an 18" posable doll. She is very high quality from her soft hair to her pretty little toes. Both girls were immediately drawn to her and wanted to hold her and dress her and take her everywhere.
S loves her new Alexis doll and spends hours styling her hair (her newest obsession), from side ponytails to braids, and crazy other styles, Alexis is being well cared for.
We also we sent an outfit from the new exclusive line from Jo-Ann Fabrics. We chose the lavender hooded jacket, athletic pants and lavender trimmed shoes. "The Springfield Collection Athletic Suit and Shoes Set is the perfect sport attire for your doll. This adorable attire will fit any 18-inch doll with ease. The package includes one athletic suit along with matching shoes for a complete outlook. Dress up your dolls in smart casual and formal attires with this lovely Springfield collection."
The shoes are adorable and give Alexis "her workout look". S and C can both put them on and take them off with ease, yet they stay put when they are on.
The pants and hooded jacket are really cute and sporty too. S chooses this outfit frequently for Alexis to wear when she is doing pullovers on her gymnastics bar. I love that it is easy for S to get on to her dolls, something that is not always simple for her.
We are very happy with the high quality, beautiful, affordable options that Springfield Dolls offers and highly recommend them for the doll lovers in your life.
Want It? Buy It!
Are you looking for a doll for your little one? Look at Springfield Dolls for a great selection of dolls and accessories. Sign up for the Style Club here. You can follow Springfield Dolls on all of their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. You can also check out the Springfield accessories and furniture for even more affordable and adorable fun for your doll lover and the Springfield Dolls.

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