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A gift that can last 3, 6, or 12 months long! Sock Club socks in the mail once a month! #Review Sock Club


The Sock Club Story

You've made it to the Sock Club. We deliver you the finest socks (some fancy and some crazy) once a month. Here's our story:
Launched in 2012 and located in Austin, TX, we're a small outfit that socks it to your doorstep. The Sock Club began when founders Dane and Noah made an outrageously silly bet over a contested corn hole match. The bet left them thinking about what they could do with a small fortune. The answer was obvious: buy great socks! It was that day they decided to sell socks actually worth wearing. They would share their love of socks with the world.
We wanted the best socks, so we assembled a “dream team” of sock explorers, engineers and scientists to discover what was out there. They travel the globe analyzing the quality, craftsmanship, and design of socks. With the help of the dream team, we've been able to work with international and domestic sock manufacturers to provide our members with a hassle free way to keep their sock game proper. We want you to be the guy or gal at the party that everybody is talking about. Look at those SOCKS!
After seeing the socks to order online, I could not wait to get my socks in the mail. I LOVE socks... and my obsession comes from my Dad, who LOVES socks!
Just the packaging made me smile when it arrived in my mailbox =)

And inside the package was even more amazing. I don't know what I was thinking a Sock of the Month club would be, but Sock Club immediately wowed me!
Think the packaging is cool?!? Check this out!!! The socks have a BACK STORY!!! it's not just socks in a box!!! They are socks with a story!!! Here is November's story!
So the packaging is amazing... and the story is cool, but what about the socks???


Our mission is to provide you the finest socks possible. By partnering with our American factory we own the entire process, from sourcing high-quality cotton to sending socks to your door. Because we own every stitch of our socks, we can use your feedback to create socks that you will love.
They are SO nice! Nice thick material and vibrant colors. I love them!

Club Pricing:
Pay as you go: $12/month
3 Months: $36
6 Months: $72
12 months: $132
Every year, my dad is SO hard to shop for!!! I think this year I am going to go for a year membership and send a smile and AWESOME socks to him every month the whole year long. It's the gift that will keep on giving!
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  1. These are really nice socks and I think it is a great gift to give this Holiday season and pick if you want the gift for 3, 6 or 12 months. I will have to check it out!

  2. they are awesome! and the quality of sock is great. I gave my dad this pair the other night... and he was UBER impressed =)


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