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30 Days of Thanks #MondayMotivation

Everywhere I look, I see the commercialism of Christmas. It's all around, even here on MBP. Don't get me wrong- I love Christmas, and get just as excited as the next person when I start hearing Christmas music being played, and seeing holiday light displays. There is a holiday, however, in between Halloween and Christmas- remember Thanksgiving? Every year, it seems more and more forgotten. 

I love Thanksgiving. The month of November is always very special to me. Not only do I love fall, but I love celebrating 30 Days of Thanks with my family, and my church. I began this tradition in our home a few years ago, when B was old enough to understand what it means to give thanks to God for our many blessings. We talk about the things we're thankful for every day, and we make a special centerpiece for our family table out of twigs or branches, and then each day during November, we add a leaf (usually a cut-out from a leaf template) to our 'tree'. By the end of November, we have a beautiful reminder of the many things that we are thankful for, before us.

This is a simple project that the whole family can participate in. Simply fill a jar with small twigs or branches that you collect from your own yard (or take a family walk around the neighborhood to collect some). Tie raffia or ribbon around the jar. Each day, add one tag or 'leaf' to the tree. Talk about the thing you are thankful for with your family, and say a family prayer together.

Other ways to show your thanks...
Start a 30 Days of Thanks post on social media. Each day, share something you are thankful for, and use the #30daysofthanks hashtag. It's amazing to see so many others giving thanks for their blessings!

Make some thank you gifts...
Show your thanks and appreciation by making some homemade treats for the people you want to than in your community.

Send a note...
Send a note of thanks to a friend, or someone you haven't seen in a while, to let them know that you are thankful to have them in your life.

Have fun with the 'Don't Be a Turkey' song...
I am teaching this adorable song to the littles at church. It's such a cute way for them to remember to give thanks to the Lord for everything.

Let's give Thanksgiving it's own time. The Christmas season isn't going anywhere, and it will be here in full swing before we know it! 

What are you doing to show your thanks in this season of Thanksgiving?

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