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Why Staying Fit Is So Hard For Moms And What You Can Do About It

Moms have it so hard every single day. Our kids wear us out all day long and then sleepless nights add to our exhaustion. The physical side of pregnancy and giving birth takes its toll on our bodies. And it’s really hard to reclaim them after weaning too. But we can, and we do. So what can we expect as we start to work out again? And how long can our bodies keep it up?

As the kids get older, and we can engage them in some our activities, it is easier to keep fit. Home workouts can be lots of fun when the children want to join in. It spurs us on to continue making our fitness goals about enjoying our bodies again. Playing with the kids gets us moving about much more in lots of different ways. 

But our bodies have been through a lot, and we’re not getting any younger. Recovery times can increase dramatically as we move through our thirties and into our forties. This means we need to do more to look after our bodies before and after our workout sessions. It might be worth looking into amino acid supplements to aid your recovery. You must stretch for longer, and cover more of your muscle groups and joints to avoid injury.

As mothers, we often find ourselves needing to work more and more. When you work and run a busy family household, time to yourself can be scarce. So how do you fit in a workout or fitness class? It’s really important to make an active lifestyle for yourself. Walk instead of driving if it’s only a couple of miles. Take thirty minutes in the evening to yourself. If you’re feeling low on energy, just perform some stretches. For the good days, you could try something with more cardio.

A good diet, regular exercise and quality sleep is the combination you need to feel energised. And high energy levels are what every mother requires to get through a typical day. Your diet should be full of fresh produce to provide you with all the nutrients you need for a healthy body. 

Getting enough sleep is tough with small children in the house. But you can improve the quality of the sleep you get. Make sure your room is cool and dark. Avoid caffeine after lunchtime. Do what you can to unwind and relax in the last hour before bed too.

It doesn’t take much for us to lose our good intentions and routines. Our kids will always be our priority. If they’re sick, we’ll drop everything to comfort them. If you’re already stretched to your limit, now could be a good time to get some help. A cleaner or a cook can take a lot of pressure off your life. They can leave you free to enjoy being a mom, and some time for yourself.

It is hard to keep up your good intentions, but you can always get back into it. You’re never too old, and it’s never too late to try again after all. Take care of you.

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