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The Stork Sent a Gift! The Stork Bag by MommyMaiDD #Review

Thank you to MommyMaiDD for sending me product, free of charge, for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

~Part of the MBP Maternity/Newborn Guide~

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey- filled with ups and downs. My first pregnancy was so easy and delightful. No morning sickness, little fatigue- it truly was a magical time in my life, and I expected my second pregnancy to be as such. Well, baby #2 sure has a sense of humor. I was sick for weeks, not to mention I was so exhausted that I just wanted to spend all day in bed for the first three months of the pregnancy. Now that we're onto the second trimester, I am feeling much better, but am already noticing the weight gain, tired feet after walking around for a couple of hours, and oh yeah- still tired! It's nice to be able to try a selection of pregnancy products, without having to purchase full sized products- especially if you don't know whether or not you'll wind up using them.

The Stork Bag® is the first ever reusable subscription bag just for pregnant mamas! Launched in 2014, each Stork Bag is curated to match each trimester of pregnancy and includes many products created by other mom entrepreneurs and inventors. With The Stork Bag you get between 8-12 handpicked surprise products in each bag and what better time to be showered with gifts than when you are expecting. The Stork Bag® was created to enhance the pregnancy experience for women by providing some of the best products for you throughout your pregnancy. Now you can have just what you want, when you want it without leaving the house!

I was so excited to receive a Stork Bag from MommyMaiDD! I love maternity products, and couldn't wait to see what would be included in the second trimester bag!

My Stork Bag arrived in a box, nicely wrapped in tissue paper.

I was sort of in shock over how stuffed full the Stork Bag was!

A beautiful gift for any expectant momma- The Stork Bag.

When I told B (my five year old son) that we received a mommy/baby gift, he was definitely interested in checking it out with me. I am so thrilled that he is so excited to become a big brother.

My handy helper, ready to help me take the goodies out of the Stork Bag. What might this be? A water bottle! Every preggo momma needs one of these to stay hydrated!

We removed all of the goods from our Stork Bag, and wow- we were blown away by all of the awesome products that came with it.

Products every momma needs-
Knocked Up Nail Polish
Morning Sickness Balm

I love the nail polish. It's such a great color for fall, and is a pregnancy safe polish. The balm contains ingredients that help ward off morning sickness. Thankfully, I am past this point, but I am still enjoying the creamy balm, especially since it's becoming dry outside. Tums are an essential for preggo mommas! I have been noticing more and more issues with indigestion, so I have been taking these Tums on the go with me- everywhere!

Two more staples for early pregnancy...

My morning sickness was so bad, that I had my hubby order a 3-pack of Preggie Drops for me. I relied on them in my first pregnancy, and it was no different this time around. Preggie Pops, Chews, and Drops, are great to have on hand- I keep them on my nightstand, in my purse, etc- just in case I end up with the queasies!

For taking care of your dental health during pregnancy...

It's no secret that pregnancy can do weird things to your teeth, which is why it's a good idea to buy a new toothbrush, and use an anti-plaque and whitening toothpaste, like this one from Tom's. I find myself brushing after every meal, just because the build-up is much worse than usual. You want to use a toothpaste and brush that's tough on plaque, but gentle on the gums, as pregnant women are susceptible to gum bleeds.

These organic teas from Earth Momma + Angel Baby are so soothing!

I love having specialty teas on hand- for heartburn, relaxation, etc. It's so nice to relax with a hot cup of tea in the afternoon or evening and just take some time to wind down. I know this is easier said than done when you have a family that demands your attention. These tea blends are nice and smooth, and soothing to a tired momma's soul!

Health and Beauty product musts!

I am in love with the Coconut Eyes Replenishing Treatment by ToGoSpa! It's no secret that preggo mommas are often caught with tired, puffy eyes- not to mention being puffy from shedding tears (it doesn't take much to make a preggonista cry). The coconut eye treatment is a gentle, soothing treatment for tired eyes- and there are three treatments in this pack! Use one for each trimester of pregnancy- or use it once a month, and just buy more!

The Branch to Nature Deodorant is a safe for mommies formula, which is aluminum free. It's a great size to take with you when you travel, or to keep in your purse or mommy bag. I have already been experiencing the mid-day sweats. Thanks, crazy hormone levels!

The Natural Hair & Beauty Body Butter is so yummy! It's just luscious on the skin. It's smooth and silky, and is the perfect product to rub into dry, tired feet at the end of a busy day. I like to put it on, and slip some socks on for a couple of hours at night- the next day, my feet are nice and soft!

Pregnancy healthy snacks!

I also received a BumpBoosters Pregnancy Cookie- Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. I absolutely love sweets, and my craving are much worse when pregnant. I know that it's not healthy for me or for baby, to scarf down lots of sweet treats, which is why the BumpBoosters cookies are a great alternative. They are filled with energy boosting ingredients, and they are a healthy, craving-satisfying snack to enjoy through out pregnancy. Unfortunately, my cookie tasted pretty stale when I tried it, but I believe that fresh versions of these cookies are probably awesome, so I am going to look for them and try them again!

Last but not least- Bump Bows!

Bump Bows are so cute! They're little skin-safe stickers to place over your belly button if and when it pops out. My belly button never popped out with my first pregnancy, but there's no telling what might happen this time around. I am glad to have these on hand to smooth out that adorable bump underneath my shirts.

I love the Stork Bag, and think that for the items I received, if I had spent the $45.00 on a monthly bag, it would have been well worth it. These are all products that I am using or will use within the next few months of my pregnancy. I would love to see what's in the 3rd Trimester Stork Bag, as well!
The Stork Bag would make an awesome gift for an expecting momma!

The Stork Bag® Single

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to The Stork Bag by MommyMaiDD to view their current subscription plans, and to learn more about their company. Connect with The Stork Bag on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Special thanks to the team at The Stork Bag for allowing me to experience their wonderful subscription service! I give it five stars!

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