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Rock Your Footwear in Comfort: Ballasox #Review

Thank you to Ballasox for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

I am a footwear lovin' diva, and proud of it. I used to love heels, wedges, etc, but after I became a mom, I quickly realized that it was going to be impossible to keep up with my busy little guy in shoes that were no longer practical for everyday wear. I turned to ballet flats, because I needed safe, comfortable shoes that would help me keep up the pace. I love my flats, and have no regrets making the big switch.

Flats are practical, and fun- they can be worn with everything from slacks and jeans to skirts and dresses. There are occasions, however, where you might need to trade the flats for something a little dressier, but don't want to be stuck in uncomfortable shoes all day. That's where Ballasox comes in.

Ballasox was created with comfort and style in mind. It all started with a simple idea- to offer a foldable ballet flat that hugged the foot like a sock. Ballasox hail from their native Brazil, but have recently exploded in popularity, making them more of a collector's accessory than just an everyday pair of flats. Fall 2015 will showcase different versions of their popular Ballet Flat with new trims and color combinations.With Ballasox, you can have a sense of freedom, style, and a ready-for-anything mindset! Embrace your inner Urban Ballerina and find your perfect Ballasox flat today.

My very first pair of Ballasox!

I was extremely excited for the opportunity to try a pair of Ballasox for myself. I loved browsing the Ballasox site, looking through all of their beautiful options of ballet flats. There are so many gorgeous styles to choose from! I like high fashion and glitz and glam, but when it comes down to it, I am pretty modest in my own fashion choices. I like to look cute and stylish, while being comfortable, which is why I chose a unique colorblock pair of flats from Ballasox.

My Ballasox Ballet Flats came packaged in a shoebox, wrapped in tissue paper.

As I pulled back the tissue paper, I was thrilled to see gorgeous bursts of color poking through!

I love the flats I already own, but they are super non-exciting. I have the standard black, tan, blue, and red. I would love to bump up the color in my wardrobe and stop being so afraid to get a little funky when it comes to my wardrobe. One of the reasons I chose the beautiful Monica flats in Cabernet, was due to the color combination.

The Monica Ballet Flats by Ballasox- a beautful combination of color, perfect for fall and winter.

The Monica flats combine a deep purple and dark blue, with a red sole, and a ceam colored trim. With every step taken, the color is being shown off. These aren't your ordinary ballet flats. I love the color combo- these colors all work beautifully together, and they make the flats even more versatile.

The ultimate shoe-lovers gift: style and comfort in a unique ballet flat.

As if the color combinations and style of the Ballasox Ballet Flats weren't enough to make you want to put these on your wish list, wait until you hear about the design! Most of my flats are very stiff, and after several hours of wearing them, my feet are ready for a break. Ballasox are designed to keep your feet ultra comfy, and they actually fit right to the foot. I have been against scrunchy flats for qute some time. You know the ones I mean- those flats that look like they curl up at the tow and heel. They look so uncomfortable, and the pairs I have tried on in the past have been just that- uncomfortable! Ballasox, however, are totally different!
Check out how easily these flats fold up!

Ballasox are designed to fit your foot, and move with you. They're so pliable that you can just fold them up, toss them into a carry pouch, and take them with you, wherever you might go. I was skeptical about these flats, to tell you the truth. I wondered if they would hurt my feet or crunch my toes, but after putting them on, I was absolutely pleasantly surprised by their comfort level and supportiveness. I was able to wear the Ballasox all day and night, with zero complaints.

The perfect style of flats for the gal on the go!

I love that Ballasox can be folded up and tossed into a bag. There are days were I do need to wear dressier shoes, but may not be going home right after an event. My mom and I are notorious for impromptu shopping trips after lunch on Sundays (after church). Every time we do this, we go straight to the stores in our church clothes and shoes, and I almost always wish that I'd had another pair of shoes with me to change into. No one wants to tote around clunky extra shoes- I get it, and so does Ballasox. Now that I have these beauties, I make sure to bring them along with me. Since I'm pregnant, I know my feet will become achey, tired, and swollen more easily than usual, which is why it's great to have these gorgeous flats with me at all times.

The Ballasox Monica Flats are among my favorite shoes now owned, and I love wearing them!

I always receive compliments on these shoes when I wear them, since they are so very unique and stylish!

Features of the Monica Flat by Ballasox

Color blocking contrasts make Monica a sporty, trendy collectible.  As with all of our Ballasox Ballet flats, this is made with our cushion-line insole that makes you feel like you are walking on a cloud. Bonus - each pair comes with its own matching tote bag so you can carry your pair everywhere.

Man Made Sole
Round Toe
Leather Upper
Elastic trim
Made in Brazil

*Available in various color combinations/styles.

I would love to have some of the other color combinations in the Monica Flat. I love them all! I also love several of the other Ballasox styles- and they go far beyond just the Ballet Flats!

Check out some of my favorite Ballasox styles...

(These are next on my list!)

(All that glitters...)





Such gorgeous, unique styles, which you won't find anywhere else! I can't wait to get my feet into a pair of the sneakers- they look so funky! The espadrilles and sandals look so comfy for the summertime. I'll be looking for those when we have our new babe with us in 2016. This momma's going to want to be super comfy next summer!

Ballasox are a wonderful gift option for the holiday season. If there's a gal in your life who loves shoes, is looking for comfort and style, or who you'd just like to surprise with a cool gift, you can't go wrong with Ballasox!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Ballasox to browse their shoes by category. There are several different styles and colors of ballet flats available. Right now Ballasox is offering free shipping on all US Continental Ground orders (for a liited time). Connect with Ballasox on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Special thanks to Ballasox for treating my feet to their beautiful Monica Ballet Flats, and for allowing me to share my experience with the MBP community.

Stay stylish and comfy!

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