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PartyPaint Face Paint Essentials Kit #review Coupon/discount code

I was provided a complimentary Party Paint Essential Kit in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own, and your experience may vary.
I myself am NOT an artist!!! I have a rough time drawing stick figures!!! lol However my kids, they LOVE to get their faces painted!!! We were super excited for this package!


How CUTE is this?!? What fun packaging!!!
A little about PartyPaint!!
Created by a Mom, For Moms
Designed by veteran professional face painting artist and mom Adriana Saurini, PartyPaint Essentials Face Painting Kit includes everything parents need to create an unforgettable experience at home with their kids. From rainy days in to birthday parties to Halloween, create dozens of looks with one kit!
No Experience or Artistic Skills? No Problem!
PartyPaint was designed so any parent can create professional face designs at home. Our FREE e-book and video library teaches you easy-to-follow techniques that create exceptional results. From Frozen princesses to animal to superheroes like Batman and Spiderman, we’ll walk you through every step of the way.
Safe and Easy to Use
We take pride in creating the highest-quality face painting kit on the market. Colors are bright, vivid and easy to apply. All paints are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and FDA approved. Paints are water-based and easily removable with water

Our Story

What loving parent wouldn’t love to better connect and bond with their children?
But in an age where electronics and video games are constantly stealing your child’s attention, most parents don’t even know where to start.
The answer? PartyPaint.
At PartyPaint, we give you the opportunity to be the coolest parent around. Now YOU can create that magical moment with your child. Maybe it’s waking up on a random Wednesday and deciding it’s a Party Paint day. Or maybe you’re the parent at the party that has all the kids lined up to have you bring their face-painting dreams to life, you will be on your way to building a stronger connection, and lasting memories, with your child. And no artistic expertise isrequired! Our easy-to-follow technique videos will walk you through it, from start to fantastic finish!
At PartyPaint, our goal is to help you create a fun and interactive bonding experience with your child. So jump on the Party Paint train and let us help you strengthen your family’s connection!

Inside we found our paint kit along with some coupons!!!

The 9 colors are all SO bright and we were super excited to start.
Kit Contents:
  • 9 Vibrant Colors – Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Rose, Blue, Green, Purple
  • 2 Brushes – one thick, one thin
  • 3 Sponges
  • Cosmetic-grade Child-safe Glitter
  • The love, thanks and support of everyone here at PartyPaint
Included in your purchase, You will receive an eBook with 5 easy designs. There are step by step instructions for A Princess Crown, A Puppy, A Winter Princess, Batman, and a Butterfly.
There is also a Halloween eBook with 10 step by step designs. There is a spiderman eye, Inside Out :Joy, Wolverine, Pirate, Sugar Skull, a minion, a minecraft creeper, a Ninja turtle, a purple witch, and Frankenstein.
There are also all sorts of videos to help you out!!!
We had a specific mission with our paint kit. We went to Disney recently, and my daughter had her face painted at Pirate's League to go with her Maleficent obsession. We wanted to do something similar. This was her at Disney.
With our PartyPaint Kit... and the help of a friend, This is what we did yesterday for an early Halloween Party!

The paint applied very smoothly, and stayed on very nicely. It was also very easy when it was time to remove! Good old fashion soap and water took it right off! My daughter said one of the best thing about this paint was it didn't "hurt her face!" She said her face didn't feel all tight and weird. That she almost forgot she had it on. She also loved that it didn't smear at all!!!
My kids also had some fun with the paint kit this evening all on their own!!! The 2 older girls used the instructions in the eBook's to paint each other as well as the Littles! They are ages 11, 10, 6, & 5.... so for being only 10 & 11, with little siblings with ants in their pants, I think they did a great job. My son wouldn't let them add any detail. He ONLY wanted Batman eyes!! lol

They painted each other as minions!!
They painted her as the Winter Queen
Which of course prompted a costume change!!!
And here he is with his Batman eyes as requested =)
They were all super happy with their looks, and had SO much fun along the way!
I would highly recommend a PartyPaint kit! Super Quality at a super price!
Don't forget to use your discount code for 10% off
For Halloween or just for fun... I promise you will LOVE this high quality face painting kit!



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