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Mr. Peabody on Jeopardy Today!

Tune into “Jeopardy!” today when Mr. Peabody, the world's smartest dog, will be the first canine in history to host a full category on "Jeopardy!”. Mr. Peabody is a worldly dog and his WABAC time machine has given him the opportunity to meet many historical figures, so he is sure to have some tough clues for his category titled "Mr. Peabody & Sherman". 
In celebration of this “Jeopardy!” first we have a few promos of Mr. Peabody and Sherman traveling to 1830 and 1984 with Alex Trebek and his mustache!

How fun is this? Are you a Jeopardy fan? I sure am, and you'd better believe I'll be watching!

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