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Incredible Alternatives To Candy This Halloween

I don’t think I’m alone in dreading the sugar lows that will come this November 1. After a night of collecting lots of candies from around the neighborhood, kids will spend the evening binging on their bounty. Then, of course, the next day is often spent in a grump as the sugar ‘hangover’ hits! I’ve been thinking of some ways to help the kids avoid this favorite of all annual traditions. There are some pretty interesting ideas out there!

I’m not entirely prepared to go through the battles associated with confiscating all of their haul. Plus, I’m not really in the best position to police what goes into the pumpkin basket and what is secreted into their pockets while they’re out. And I’m not mean enough to ban them from the festivities either! But I would prefer that candies were eaten in moderation.

Like most moms, I’ve considered rationing. Dictating that they can have two of their candies a day until they’re all gone may easily backfire, though. There would be a temptation there for them not to declare their entire haul. I’m sure no child wants to fib to their parents about such things. But it’s not fair to put them in that position sometimes.

I have considered trading, though. I’ve thought about them buying more appropriate items in exchange for their candies. There are lots of gifts out there at this time of year after all. The TV shows are crammed with toy commercials for the holidays. I’ve seen various Christmas ideas for teen boys that might make a good candy purchase later on. Then, of course, is the dilemma of what to do with the candy! Wouldn’t it be easier if all the neighbors only handed out gifts or fruit?

As an alternative to heading out into the neighborhood, having a Halloween party at home can help me keep a lid on the candies. I love creating and crafting at this time of year. There are so many wonderful project ideas to get into the mood for Halloween as well. The children can all get involved, and hopefully it keeps their minds off the sweet things.

I like to bake themed cookies as well. Home-made foods can be much more healthy. You can keep the sugar and fat content to a minimum. Adding fruit and cereals can make them far more nutritious too. Sugar-free jellies make great Halloween treats for all your guests. Make your Halloween party more about atmosphere and effects. It certainly helps to distract them from their candy cravings.

If the kids really want candies, why not make some yourself? You can boil fruits until they are the consistency of gummy sweets without needing any sugar at all. Coating peanuts and raisins with a thin layer of dark chocolate greatly reduces the sugar and fat content too.

I don’t think kids are daft. They know that candies are bad for their teeth. And they know that too much sugar can lead to obesity and health problems. Perhaps we need to trust that our kids will do what is necessary to moderate themselves.

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