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Getting To Know You: Emily

Hey, everyone, Emily here! Check out how my week is shaping up and let me know about yours.

What's For Dinner?

We're having a vegetarian week, so tonight is Green Goddess Hummus Wraps. Lettuce shredded and coated with Annie's Goddess Dressing, cucumber, avocado, cheese, and hummus. Healthy, filling, and delicious.

Whatcha Reading?

"Lucky You" by Carl Hiaasen. Well, at least it is on my nightstand to read in case I have a few minutes!

Whatcha Watching?

Since we don't get cable, we use Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video for all of our screen time entertainment. We tried out a new show called "Red Oaks" this week. Its an 80s throwback show that, so far (we've only watched two episodes) is like "Dirty Dancing" went on a date with "Saved by the Bell" (note that it does have some adult situations/lanugage/etc...not a kids show!).

What Am I Looking Forward To?

I'm hosting a Halloween playdate next week for a bunch of little pumpkins. The under two crowd looks absolutely adorable in costumes, agree? Here's Mr. G in his first costume last year, the cutest Smurf ever (bonus: we moved the day before Halloween and this was made from items already in his closet!).

Have a great rest of the week friends!

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