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Get to Know Jess #GettingToKnowYouThursday

Hola readers!!  Thanks for stopping by and checking in with me. I've been so busy being back to school that I hardly know which way is up! How did it get to be the end of October already?! My class is finally in the groove though and everything is going great! I've got the biggest class I've had in 5 years and we are working hard. I hope your school years are off to an awesome start too! 

What's For Dinner Tonight?

Can Halloween candy be dinner? Just kidding but seriously its Parent Teacher Conferences tonight and Josh has bowling so I'll probably just grab something on the way home. Yat's, a cajun place in town, sounds awesome! Its always great but chilly fall nights are the best for it. 

Whatcha Reading?

Now that Im back at school I don't have a lot of time for reading, and the extra time I do have has been taken up with preparing for our accreditation in November. After thats over Ill a little time to read for pleasure so Ill be hitting the library! 

Listening to Anything Good?

I have been OBSESSED with the Broadway Hits station on my Pandora Radio lately. I've always been into musicals but the last few months they are really getting me where I need to go. Listening to them on the way to school gets me pumped and ready for the day. 

This Week I Am Loving....

That Hockey and The Walking Dead are back! Yay October! Seriously though its not just The Hawks and The Walking Dead, its Fall in general. I love the cool weather and the leaves changing. Its my favorite time of year! 

But I Am So Done With...

Kids being excited for Halloween. Its hard enough to teach Kindergarten but when they are excited for something like Halloween its a trick not a treat! #ugh 

Silliest Thing This Week...

The Try Guys review "sexy" Halloween costumes. 
Please watch these guy make donkeys out of themselves in sexy costumes. The message they end with is pretty good, and I just love them!
*There are some cuss words but they have been bleeped out. 

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