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Fall Spotlight Sponsor: Simply Fun with Nathalie {Review} #review #simplyfun

Family get-togethers for us, always include playing games. Whether it is just a few people or a large group, games come out and everyone gets involved, even the little kids. My mother-in-law is a game queen and always has a list a mile long of games on her holiday wish list, usually kid friendly ones. Where can you purchase great games that are both fun and educational? Check out our fabulous Simply Fun with Nathalie. Nathalie is one of our MBP Spotlight Sponsors and is also a Direct Sales Playologist with Simply Fun.
Founded in 2004, Simply Fun, is a Direct Sales company, that focuses on games and activities for ages 3-103, with a mission to build smarter kids and stronger families. Simply Fun is a fairly young company, but has a huge heart and even bigger dreams to make the world more fun through play.
Simply Fun helps children and adults learn and connect through play. Simply Fun understands that children learn life's most important lessons while they are playing, but also that families bond and make memories while playing too. By playing games and activities as a family, parents can see how their children are developing or where something might be missing and work to correct it. Simply Fun also wants to create games and activities that fit into busy lifestyles and engage all ages.
"Did you know, play, along with instruction and life experience make up the three ways we learn. Play is essential for developing skills beyond formal instruction, thinking skills that support decision making, creativity, and strategy. We invite you to step inside our SimplyFun world and discover the fun of learning through play!"
To learn more about why play is important, click here.
Using a team of Playologists, Simply Fun can help you find the perfect game that fits your family, classroom, or occupational needs. Nathalie is MBP's Playologist, and we couldn't be more excited to partner with her.
Our Simply Fun with Nathalie package is here!
One of my game lovers, C, helping out.
We first came across Nathalie's business card with all of her contact information and website
Next was catalog full of information and products.
"Play is the Answer!"
I browsed the catalog for quite awhile and found some really fun things. The catalog is broken down into preschool/toddler, early elementary, upper elementary, teen, and family. Here are some of my favorites from the catalog...
For C's level
For S's level
For B's level
Each page of the catalog contains a description of the game, age recommendations, players, and how long it will take to play. It also has something really cool, information about what will be learned while playing, from pattern recognition, to risk/reward, to math facts, each game has educational benefit as well as being fun.
Next, we came across our Simply Fun game!
Fruit Flies is a card game geared for ages 5+ and retails for $13.50. It contains 54 fruit cards that each have a number, color, and fruit on them and one fruit fly card. The pictures are animated to make each fruit silly and fun, the numbers are printed boldly in both the top and bottom corner, the colors fill the background and are easy to recognize.
Each player (2-7 players are recommended) is given one fruit card to start, face up. The goal of the game is for the player to win three cards that each match a different element of their initial card by being the first to cover it up with your hand and recall the three elements without looking.
For example:
If this is your starting card, your elements are: 2, White, Banana
You are trying to win cards that match, for example
It is a very fast paced game (should take a total of 15 minutes or less) that my kids are having a great time playing. C is not able to grasp the concept, but S and B think it is super fun. We will be taking it on vacation with us too, great airplane game with some friends.
The Simply Fun Fruit Flies game offers these features and benefits:
  • The speed element encourages dexterity, coordination and paying attention.
  • But this is fundamentally a memory game - it does no good to be first if you can’t remember what you just saw.
  • Visual recall is an important skill - for example how valuable is it to remember details after an accident?

What will be learned:
  • Memory
  • Quick Thinking
  • Categorizing

 Simply Fun has continued to produce award winning products, with close to 30 awards in 2014 alone. Don't miss out on the monthly specials, there are some great deals. Check out these new releases, great for the holidays, Isle of Coconuts looks really fun!

 Want It? Buy It!
Nathalie would be more than happy to help you find the perfect game for your family to play. You can shop now and even make a wish list for later. Interested in HOSTing a party or JOINing a team, Nathalie can help you with that too. Please make sure to follow Simply Fun on all of their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.
 Thanks to Nathalie for our Simply Fun Fruit Flies game!

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