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Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space With These Ideas

I work pretty hard to stay fit and healthy. I know if I keep at it I will be able to maintain a good figure and feel confident in my body. It’s this feeling of confidence that is really important for me to share with my B. I want him to be happy with the body he’s got. And I want him to take care of it for life. I’ve been looking at ways around the home that I can help B stay physically active. At four years of age, I don’t have to look that far!

Still, I want my son to have lots of outdoor space to engage in different physical activities. I’ve been considering my options for landscaping the yard for a while. I want this environment to be healthy and attractive, so planting is a must. But I also want plenty of space for B to run around, kick a ball, and maybe even try trampolining.

I know lots of people struggle to maintain a good lawn, but it’s not putting me off. A good, flat, grassy area is a great play surface for a young boy. It’s natural, and it looks beautiful if you can look after it. I’ve been to www.proirrigation.com/ to get some advice on how to make sure the lawn stays looking as good as the day it was laid. It’s definitely doable, and quite easy when you know how.

I’ve also been reading about the benefits of outdoor eating. It seems that sitting outside rather than indoors can aid digestion. It slows down your eating, and relaxes you. This means it can help prevent you eating too much as well. I do like to eat out. A picnic is my favorite! I think I would like to have a nice dining area in my yard. Maybe some decking would be nice with a gazebo for some shade. A beautiful porch swing would also provide a nice space to relax and de-stress.

I love doing Pilates, and I’ve even been doing some Yoga. I think it would be nice to practice out in the garden, surrounded by fresh air. It can feel a little cramped and enclosed when you’re in the living room or garage. Having nature all around you, and a lovely view could make exercising far more enjoyable too!

Some people like to have a Zen garden or some water features. This can create a lovely, relaxing environment. I’m not sure about having water in the garden at my house, though. I fear it may be dangerous for B if he’s playing out there. I would need to be wary about the dog too. I’ve been thinking about having a fenced off area for our pooch for a while. It keeps him out of the play area and B out of his bit of the yard too!

Play areas for kids can be made from lots of different materials. I like the idea of a grassy surface to play on. It’s one of those jobs that doesn’t take too long, especially when you get the professionals in. What’s in your garden?

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