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Chalk it Up: Craft Croc #Review

I had no idea what a fun review this would be to write when Crafty Croc offered to send me a set of liquid chalk markers and labels. The possibilities are endless!

Crafty Croc Markers and Chalkboard Labels
We received 10 liquid chalk markers and a set of black chalkboard labels in two shapes. The markers come in 10 different, bright colors. And they are so easy to use!

The back of the box gives instructions and more information
It was really easy to get them started with the clear instructions on the package. I was happy to discover the markers have no smell and are suitable for children 3 and above! A bonus is the reversible tip for choosing which type of line you would like to make. Here's an example of the rounded tip (the Os) and the angled tip.

Testing out the first marker
Once the color dries, you can layer another color over it (the black eyes on the ghost below). 

Adding colors and trying the two reversible tips
Once I got the feel for how they worked, I started to expand my thinking on where and how they could be used! The box recommends testing first, but they are generally safe for glass, plastic, metal, glossy board, LED boards, and any non-porous surface. 

The markers work on windows and easily wipe away
Since I am not an accomplished artist, the ease of "erasing" is an important feature. Simply use a dry paper towel or cloth and the marks wipe right away. I did get a little on my hands, but it rinses right off with soap and water. 

An easy way to add temporary festive decorations
Since we received these around Halloween, we found lots of Halloween themed uses! 

Mr. G's "Hobbes" needed a nametag. 
Even my little guy's costume had a use for them!

I couldn't resist sharing a photo of the cutest Calvin on the planet!
What else could you do with these labels? Well, label things!

The perfect size for my pickle experiment!

And I'm already thinking about the next holiday, Thanksgiving. These labels will be cute as place cards for seating at Thanksgiving Day dinner. 

Or making place cards, name tags, or anything you need to label

The wide variety of colors means you can use the markers for any season! Like I said, the possibilities are endless!

Great for any season. Use your imagination!

What a fun gift for your favorite crafter! Thanks to Crafty Croc for allowing me to play with these award-winning, artist quality markers. 

Want it? Buy it!

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