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5 Reasons To Take A Trip To Hawaii

I’ve been thinking about Steph's summer visit to Hawaii a lot this week. I tend to do this kind of thing when the weather gets colder! Let’s face it, if you imagine warmer climes, Hawaii has got to be up there on everybody’s list, right? So, with many of you starting to plan next summer's trip away, I thought I would highlight some of the reasons why Hawaii should be at the top of your list. Read on for some vacation inspiration! 

Great for relaxing

If ever there was a place that typified the simple life, it’s the wonderful island of Hawaii. Everything is just so...slow and has a nice pace to it. It makes you think about how much stock we put into entertainment and ‘stuff’ back home. The TV, computers, smartphones - when it boils down to it, they all mean nothing. It helps that Hawaii is so beautiful, of course. But, it’s interesting that none of us missed any of the technology that everybody back home uses. It makes life so much more relaxing - and Hawaii is the perfect stage to take it easy.

Stunning scenery

Hawaii is breathtaking in its beauty. You just can’t beat the scenery over there - especially at the height of summer. Yes, it can get busy in the main tourist areas, but you don’t have to travel far to find a peaceful part of the island for a moment’s solitude. And, if there are any botany fans out there, the island is a must-see destination. The flowers are so bright and beautiful, and they grow pretty much everywhere - seas of blues, pretty greens, and reds. In fact, thinking about the beautiful flowers has prompted me to look at Hawaiian gift baskets for a few friends and family members. If you have anybody in your life that loves flora, you really can’t beat the flowers of Hawaii as a present - whatever time of year.

Plenty to do

Of course, when you have kids, they aren’t always up for long and peaceful walks. And, there's no doubt that the calming effects of the beautiful scenery will soon wear off for them! Thankfully, there are plenty of things to do on Oahu for the kids - and daring adults - to get stuck into. Hiking, kayaking, fishing and plenty of watersports opportunities are everywhere. And, of course, if you are into surfing, there are some spectacular waves to ride. The island is packed full of great restaurants, too. So, after a hard day’s entertainment in the warm sea, you can kick back and relax with some of the finest food - with the most beautiful views. 


During the summer months, the Hawaiian weather is just spectacular. It’s warm all year round, in fact, although you will find that different parts of the island have their own little micro-climates. A good example is the Mauna Kea - an enormous mountain that is covered with snow. Temperatures up there drop to a similar level that you would find in the Arctic. So, if you really want to explore Hawaii, don’t just bring shorts and one of those natty shirts - you’ll need to pack some snow shoes, too!

OK, I’d better stop now. I might be talking myself into booking a trip! How about you - are you tempted?

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