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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- It's Fall Ya'll!

It's my absolute favorite time of the year! The weather is cooling down, it's time to pull out our jeans and boots, we've been planning our first visit of the season to our family's favorite pumpkin patch, and you can buy pumpkin scented and/or flavored items almost anywhere! I LOVE fall! 

We've been so busy the past few weeks between Drew going back to school and playing soccer, Matt working crazy hours, and just everything else in between, that I feel like everything has been happening in a sort of "flash forward" sequence. I am making a resolution right now (because why should we wait until New Year's to resolve to do something to better our lives?) to slow down and take time to make awesome memories with my family this fall. Since Drew is almost done with soccer for the season, and it doesn't look like anything else is coming up for her (aside from violin lessons, but that all happens at school), I think I might just be able to keep this resolution! 

The Beginning of Soccer Season, before the Uniforms! 

This weekend we'll be pretty busy. Drew is playing her second to last soccer game today and I'm hoping to go out to lunch afterward. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that we get to sneak in some geo-caching, but who knows? Tomorrow we are going to church and, afterward, we might be taking a "field trip" with some of our church family to our favorite pumpkin patch! 

Do you have any plans this weekend to celebrate fall? I'd love to hear about the great things going on with you, so go ahead and leave a comment! 

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