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Ten Things to Buy at The Dollar Tree #DollarTree

I don't know about you, but I am a huge fan of The Dollar Tree. We have at least three Dollar Tree stores in my town, and one of them is pretty large, with a fantastic selection of items. Over the years, I have learned the importance of saving, and spending less on every day items, and specialty items, as well. The Dollar Tree has some really great bargains on hundreds of items.

Here are the top ten ithings I like 
to purchase from The Dollar Tree:

10- Gift Basket Items
When putting together a gift basket for a friend, or someone special, The Dollar Store is a great place to grab up some items for a care package, etc.

9- Wine Glasses & Mugs
The Dollar Store has a huge selection of stemware, which is great for every day use, and gift-giving! One of my favorite coffee mugs is one that I picked up from The Dollar Tree a long time ago- I use it at least once a week. Mugs are great to have on hand to give as gifts, especially with the holidays around the corner!

Office & School

8- Office Supplies
We stock up on everything from pens and paper clips to envelopes at The Dollar Tree.

7- Activity Books & Puzzles
When we're heading on a trip, I love to swing by The Dollar Tree and pick up a couple of activity books for our son, as well as a new puzzle. They often have a selection of favorite Marvel or Disney characters, too!

6- Craft & Project Supplies
One year for Christmas, my grandmother sent my son a whole box filled with individually wrapped Dollar Tree craft items, to go along with the craft desk my husband built. Marker, crayons, stickers, construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, pipe cleaners, glitter, stamps, ink pads, and more! We stock up on these items once or twice a year, so we have them at home when we're ready to work on projects.

5- Gift bags.
The Dollar Tree is seriously my favorite place to buy gift bags. Where else are you going to find themed gift bags of various sizes for just $1.00 each? I love that they also have lots of different types of wrapping paper, bows, gift tags, and more!

Party Supplies

4- Party Supplies.
Throwing a party? The Dollar Tree has everything you need to make it a success! From candles to party decor, favors, serving wear, and more- TDT has it all!

3- Greeting cards.
I have a card organizer at home, and I love to keep it filled with all sorts of cards, so I can send them off at a moment's notice. The Dollar Tree has a huge selection of greeting cards, as well as cards for special occasions and holidays. You can even pick up party invitations!

2- Candles & Photo Frames
If you need candles or tea lights, Dollar Tree usually has a nice selection. I love to purchase their battery operated tea lights for outdoor use during the holiday season. Dollar Tree also has a great selection of photo frames, which you can use in your home or office, and can paint and change up, if you're willing to take on a project.

I made this cute fall display with items from my home, and The Dollar Tree (garland, candles, Fall-Harvest Sign).

1- Seasonal decor.
Depending on the season, Dollar Tree usually has some pretty awesome seasonal decor. Halloween and Fall is prime time for decorating, and you'll be blown away by all of the great items they have. I have been purchasing garlands, gourds and pumpkins, Halloween village pieces, lights, spider webs, and more from Dollar Tree for many years. They also have a great selection for Christmas, as well as other holidays! There's so much you can do with a little creativity, and some fun items from Dollar Tree!

What are some of your favorite items to purchase at The Dollar Tree?

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