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Perfect Potato Pot Luck Crock Pot Dish

This weekend we were blessed to celebrate my beautiful cousin Erica and her fiance Danny at their wedding shower. 

Years and years ago, our grandma made each of us grandkids a set of hand embroidered dish towels. We only get them when we get married. Erica finally got hers! 

We are a very tight family so instead of one person being in charge or food or catering, we all made a dish to bring. There was so much food it was crazy! We had chips and salsa, salads of every kind, fruit, my grandmas famous chicken salad sandwiches and potato salad, bratwurst, and pasta. Everything was delicious!
Look at all this food! There was a giant pan of pasta at the end too that you can't see in the picture. 

 Erica is lucky enough to be marrying a man that loves to cook and Id like to share the recipe for the dish Danny made with you.  It is warm, and comforting, and can be served as a meal or as a side dish. It will be great for the cold winter nights that aren't far off. 

Creamy Potatoes and Sausage

To your crock pot, add one pack of cream cheese,
 one can of cream of celery soup,
3lbs chunked(not diced) up red potatoes,

2lbs sliced skinless smoked sausage 

and one packet of dry Ranch mix

When all ingredients are in the crock pot cook on low, gently stirring occasionally, for 6 hours or until potatoes are tender. 


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