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Tasty Tuesday: A Good Day for Chili

It is starting to feel a little more Fall-ish these past couple of days and knowing our schedule isn't slowing down either, crockpot meals are sounding good.
One of my favorite items to make in the crockpot is Chili.
I do it all right in the crockpot and let it sit all day, yum! It is on the menu for both tomorrow and Thursday night at our house. I try to do our version as healthy as possible (minus our toppings), you can make changes where you want.
Our Ingredient List:
1 Pound White Turkey Meat
Chili Powder
Chopped Onion, Celery, Peppers, and any other fresh veggies you would like to add (we like carrots)
1 Can Rotel
1 Can Low Sodium Dark Red Kidney Beans
3 Cans Low Sodium Tomato Soup
I turn our crockpot on high and add in the ground turkey meat, along with the chili powder and chopped veggies. I let this cook until the turkey meat is thoroughly cooked. I then add in the can of Rotel and the can of Kidney Beans (drained). I then mix it all together. After it has been mixed, I add in one can of tomato soup at a time, mixing together after each can, you can add water if needed, I usually end up adding about 1/2-1 can, depending on how far I need the chili to go. I then turn it on low and let it cook the rest of the day.

We usually garnish with:
Shredded Cheese
Sour Cream
Jalapenos (my husband)
Hot Sauce (my husband)

I can't wait for dinner tomorrow!

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