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STEM Learning with OZOBOT {Review} #review #ozobot

We have been in school for over a month already and B is back in the swing of daily school life. One of his favorite subjects is Math, which he really seems to grasp. He also loves computer lab and during some classes has done some beginner coding lessons. I find this really cool and know that his school is focused on preparing their students for the real world.
STEM Education is a newer movement that focuses on teaching and learning a better understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and their impact on the world of tomorrow. Students are given the opportunity to experience, talk, debate, design, build, and learn, all leading to innovation and real world experiences. I am still finding out more and more about it, but it really seems to be an amazing thing.
We were recently given the opportunity to review a new toy that is for both learning and fun!
The Ozobot journey began in early 2012, when Evollve, Inc. set out to find a creative way to engage young minds. They were looking for something fun that could help prepare children for the ever evolving digital world. While focusing on technology: computer science, critical thinking, and programming became the core of their new creation, the Ozobot Bit.
The Ozobot Bit is a powerful robot that gamifies STEM and computer science learning while promoting social interaction, computational thinking, and confidence building through competitive play and interactive games. Basically a really fun robot that uses a color coded language, which can be programmed by kids. It offers 5 levels that can make the Ozobot Bit fun for all ages.
The Ozobot Bit features:
  • Program loading using light communication. No need for cables or Bluetooth - you can load your commands onto the robot through flashing lights!
  • Built-in interactive reference guide, examples and challenges to get you started.
  • JavaScript preview mode (coming soon). See your block-based program transform into JavaScript code.
  • OzoBlockly works in most modern web browsers running on PCs, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux and iOS and Android tablets.
Check out this video of how cool Ozobot Bit is!

Our Ozobot package is here!
This guy is excited something finally came in the mail for him.
B can't wait to see what it is...
"Ohhhhh...a robot...cool"
Inside our box we found all of these goodies
First, a quick note explaining that the Ozobot Bit is a programmable robot that introduces young minds to code language and computer science while playing in multi-dimensional environments.
It also had quick start instructions on how to start our Ozobot experience. When this first arrived, I was thinking, I don't think we will be able to figure it out AT ALL, but I was quickly proven wrong.
Next, our Ozobot Bit-creative robotics to learn and play
It comes in a fancy, hard case to keep everything protected. The robot is so little and cute, I couldn't wait to see what all it could do.
Web and printable games and activities are available on ozobot.com, plus free apps are available for both iOS and Android.
Inside the case, we removed the Bit from his protective wrapping
He also comes with a charger, which simply plugs into the computer and also a "helmet" and smaller storage case.
We quickly learned how to turn him on/off and how to calibrate him. Both B and S could easily do these things.
"Ozobot uses twin micro-motors and a friction drivetrain designed to deliver a remarkably quiet and
precise movement. The sensor array on the bottom of the robot allows it to scan its environment.
Ozobot Bit can see colors, follow lines and detect intersections. And it does it as flawlessly on
shapes you draw with regular markers on a piece of paper as it does on the digital screen of your
tablet.As Ozobot Bit navigates its environment, plays games and reads codes, the LEDs on its main
board always provide colorful feedback. Ozobot loves to keep you engaged by communicating
back to you using messages with cryptic blinks. Ozobot Bit’s built-in LiPo battery is quickly rechargeable via a micro-USB port and delivers over an hour of continuous action on a single charge."
We first started off with premade cards to learn how it all worked. The kids loved picking a code and watching the Bit travel all over and follow the directions they had given.
Here are some of our fun runs with the premade cards and codes
Another option is to go online to OzoBlockly where they have a wide variety of codes that are fairly simple to learn, you then load them to the Bit and get back to work.
You can also draw your very own codes with just a piece of paper and markers. The kids have had a ton of fun creating new and different series for the Bit to perform, their favorite is the spin around code. They each are perfectly capable of creating their own, sometimes S needs a bit of help to create the right pattern.
These power packed little robots are so much fun!
The Ozobot Bit is a huge hit at our house and I love that the kids are learning computer science and programming in a fun and different way. Around an inch in diameter and height, these cute little robots are geared for children ages 8+, my 6 and 8 year old have had a blast with it (I admit I totally did too). The are currently retailing for $59.99 and sold exclusively at ozobot.com and Amazon.com.
Want It? Buy It!
Since Ozobot has launched, it has won over a dozen awards, including the 2015 KAPi Awards, CES 2015 EditorsChoice Awards, and the 2015 Brain Toy award. It is such a neat, educational toy that I don't mind my kids playing with for hours. They are learning and practicing skills that will help them in the future and in today's technology world too. You can follow Ozobot on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube too!

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