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Signs It May be Time to Consider Purchasing a New Car

There are many factors that may contribute to it being time to consider purchasing or leasing a new vehicle. Whether you're entering a new phase of life, and want to upgrade to something sporty and fun to drive, or need something safer and more reliable for travel purposes, or for your family, here are three major signs that it might be time for a new car.

Mounting repair costs
If you've had a vehicle for several years, chances are, you've had to take it into the repair shop or to a dealership to be looked at or fixed more than once. Cars have to be properly maintained to keep them running like a well oiled machine, and to keep you safe while driving. Typical repairs on vehicles can range from alignment, fuel pump replacement, transmission work, brake work, A/C repair, etc. Even the little repairs like changing spark plugs, belts, brake pads, and shocks certainly add up over time, not to mention money spent on oil changes, fluid flushes, etc. If your vehicle is in the shop for repairs every few months, it's no longer a reliable vehicle, and it might be time to think about looking for something safer.

Vehicle is paid off
If you have completed the task of paying off a vehicle, congratulations. You may find that over time, you might want to consider a new vehicle. Vehicles that are paid off can make perfectly good trade-ins, or make great cars for teens who may need reliable transportation. It's also possible to make a tax deductible vehicle donation to several different types of organizations, such as Cars for Breast Cancer, Wheels for Wishes, Cars Helping Vets, Goodwill, among others.

Car is no longer safe
If your vehicle is no longer deemed safe, and you're at a high risk of being in or causing an accident, due to the state of your vehicle, it is important to look for a new car. No one wants to be the cause of an accident, or leave themselves vulnerable because of their failing vehicle. If your car is no longer safe, and you know it, stop driving it. Ask a friend or family member to accompany you to an auto dealer to look for a new vehicle. There are many financing options available with most dealerships.

Lifestyle changes

Have you gone from being single to a married couple? Gone from a couple to a family with little children? Are you an empty nester who no longer has need for a large SUV or mini van? Lifestyle changes can be a leading cause for one to search for a new vehicle. Your vehicle needs to suit your needs. If you travel frequently, you'll want something comfortable, safe, reliable, and with good gas mileage. Going from a family of four to more? You'll want to think about a vehicle with enough room for the whole family, which might mean moving from a sedan to an SUV or van. 

Whatever the reason for looking for a new vehicle, you'll want to find something that is safe, reliable, and offers you the features you want out of a car. It's a good idea to get pre-approved before you start your shopping. That way, you'll know exactly what type of budget you have to work with, and you won't waste the dealer's time, or your own, when you head to the lot.

This post was written on behalf of Autohaus of Peoria.

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