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Organizing your medicines #Tip

Although most people think that organizing pharmacy is same as organizing any other type of 
store, this is not the case. Even though both food and drugs are similar in a sense that they have 
expiration date and they are very important for health of the consumer, drugs need much more careful
attention, proper environment as well as patient and organized team that will make all of this happen. 

First and foremost, it is necessary to have a storage room for all your supplies. Here, you can 
organize all the boxes and have them ready for use as soon as the stock in pharmacy is depleted. 
Organize your supplies properly and leave them in original boxes. Always make sure that the drugs are categorized alphabetically so that you don’t lose too much time when searching for adequate product. 

This space should be always locked and if possible, you can even install security cameras in it. In case that you have a store with limited space, purchase a lockable medical cabinet where you can keep your stocks.

Unlike many other products, drugs are really specific. They need to be kept in a room with 
perfect hygiene, certain temperature, humidity and light. If any of these elements is not controlled, it 
can lead to deterioration of products. No outside influence should affect them. Make sure that the 
medicines are away from direct light and that the space is regularly vented. Also, you need to check if there is any structural damage in your place of business. Almost anything can disturb drugs so it is 
necessary to keep tabs. Of course, your place shouldn’t be infected by pests. Another important thing is your refrigerator. Most of the products depend on low temperature. When purchasing refrigeration, 
don’t be cheap. It is an important long term investment that will pay for itself in time. 

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Whatever you are keeping your drugs in the store room or on the shelves, you should group 
them properly. The drugs should be always in certain groups, for example pain killers. Medicines that are about to expire should be first on shelves so that you can get rid of them as soon as possible. Learn more about proper Medication Disposal at buzzrx.com. Experts from Doctor Medica suggest that you fill your upper shelves with dry medicines such as tablets and capsules. Middle part is reserved for various liquid products. Lastly, all the other items like gauzes, condoms, bandages etc. can be positioned on lower shelves. Have in mind that they should never be placed on the floor for safety reason. 

Even if you have taken all the precautionary measures, sometimes the drugs may spoil or it can 
be damaged in transport. Luckily, it is really easy to notice if there is something wrong with them by 
their outer appearance. When it comes to packages, containers may be open or broken. Liquids may 
show signs of cloudiness, discoloration, there can be damp in the package or even cracks. Tablets are 
characterized by cloudiness, awkward smell and missing tablets within package. Tubes may be opened or be sticky and capsules can be sticky or crushed.

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