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My Top Tips for Keeping Your Kids Happy & Entertained

If you read the job description for ‘parent’, you’ll find ‘keep your kids entertained’ as one of the many things you’ll have to take care of. Keeping young children entertained is sometimes easier said than done! Struggling for ideas? I’ve got three simple ones down below:

Play Games With Them
One of the best ways you can keep your kids entertained is by playing with them. Children are always restless and looking for new games to play. But, sometimes they don’t want to play on their own and want you to join in. One of the responsibilities you took on as a parent was being the pawn in your child’s many games. A game my four-year-old likes to play a lot is dress up. This is where he dresses up, and tries to dress me up, and just does loads of different things. Basically, he lets his imagination run wild, and we could end up playing for hours. I recently bought him some of the best kids costumes I could find so that he could have even more fun playing this game. I think it’s important you let kids play games and join in with them. Especially games like this which encourage a bit of creativity and imagination. Trust me, you won’t have problems keeping your kids entertained if you play games with them!

Cook With Them
Taking your children into the kitchen is a wonderful way to stop them from being bored and grouchy. If there’s one thing kids enjoy more than fun, it’s food. Especially when that food tastes delicious and homemade. I find that baking with children is so much fun and rewarding for the two of you. It’s like you’re working together on a little project, and seeing the freshly baked treats is very satisfying. It’s worth noting that kids do tend to make a mess when they’re in the kitchen with you. I mean, what else would you expect really? You can’t put a child near a bag of flour and not expect a mess! Your children will soon fall in love with baking and want to do it with you far more often. It’s a wicked way for you to bond and make some delicious food at the same time! 

One little disclaimer for you all here; make sure you pay attention to proper food hygiene. You don’t want you or your children to get sick because of poor hygiene in the kitchen!

Go Outdoors
If your child is sat at home, complaining and moaning about being bored, I have a top tip for you; go outdoors! Take a little trip outside with your son/daughter and breathe in the fresh air. Children love to go outside and be one with nature. They find joy in all the little things, like the orange leaves and fallen conkers. You could take them to the local park and watch them play on the swings and jungle gym. Go for a nice long walk or bike ride so they can use up some of their boundless energy! Leaving the house is a fantastic way to keep kids entertained and keep them healthy too. 

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