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Gothic Style

When you see a person walking down the street, wearing Gothic pants, you might think that this 
is a new fashion which was only recently invented. For many people, this style is used as an expression of rebellion. Similarly, people who like metal music like to dress this way. Anyway, the truth is that Gothic was first introduced a few centuries ago. 

Gothic, as an epoch, first appeared in Europe in 15th century and it brought a new and never 
before seen style. This form was used in architecture, fashion and other types of art. Due to its unique, dark and gloomy form (but also elegance), it was first considered an abomination. Many people didn’t understand it as they tried everything in their power to dissociate from it. Given the previous, colorful period, it was very hard for individuals to accept this new fashion. 

It can simply be described through pale skin color, dark hair and make-up, black clothes with 
silk, lace, leather as the dominant materials as well as minimalistic silver jewelry with religious and 
occult motifs. Because it was so specific, Gothic was an era that is often researched by both architectural and fashion professionals. Historians believe that this gloominess came as a reaction to previous, extravagant period that in comparison used too many colors. According to certain sources, Victorian cult of morning was used as an inspiration for it. 

At that point in time, everybody had Ninja Cosmico type of clothes. Both men and women used them as a fashion statement. Men wore shirts that weren’t tucked in, with cape adorning their shoulders. It was important for colors to be in contrast. Female clothing was not that much different from male. Women wore long Gothic pants and skirts, together with coats and big   hats. Laborers and peasants had a bit cheaper clothes, with less items, most of them even walked around with bare naked feet. On the other hand, people with means had shoes with high heels (women) or with pointy top (men). The newest fab that came with Gothic was female corset that was used in order to emphasize the line and it was worn together with long skirts, steampunk gloves, hats, umbrella and other things. Anyway, they tried to be very elegant while remaining simple. 

In time, gothic style changed. At first, it became a little bit stiffer yet still sophisticated. Later on 
people started using harder fabric and after a while, additional colors and different details to the 
clothing were introduced. Efficiency was made by using leather gloves and lace while jewelry was rarely worn. If a person had any item of this type, it was probably silver necklace with different symbols. People loved dark, black hair in various forms. Pale skin was completed by using dark make-up, lipstick and eyeliner. 

Today, Gothic style is a bit misunderstood. However, it is very different from anything else and it 
is still popular for a group of people. It represents a fashion statement for individuals who are listening to rock and heavy metal. Its uniqueness is what sets it apart from all the other styles.

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