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I tend to be a bit of a news junkie. First thing in the morning, I am up with a hot cup of coffee in hand, and turn the news on. Watching the morning news, a bit of local, and then national/world news, has been a part of my morning routine for the past fifteen years or so. It seems to me that there are more and more ridiculous, cute stories breaking through on the news stations, which means that I have to tune in for longer lengths of time to catch the actual news stories, traffic and weather, etc. As a busy mom, my time is precious, and mornings are a stressful time, trying to get everyone dressed, fed, and out the door on time.

Recently, I discovered a fantastic alternative to sitting through and watching the morning news shows. Informucate gives you access to all of the news you want or need in just twelve views. Imagine being able to strip the news down to the bare basics, getting the information you desire, without having to read through tons of print. I'll admit that digital print news can be a bit of a turn-off when you have to hunt for news stories. Informucate is a clean, user-friendly site, with up to date news stories, and fun activities, for those who like a little extra pep with their news.

Whether you're looking for world news, celebrity news, sports updates, or top news stories, Informucate has it all. Their easy to use homepage lays out all of the stories for you to easily view photos and headlines, and click and choose the stories you most want to read, without having to scroll through the stories you don't have time for.

I recently put Informucate to the test, by switching off the television after catching the local news. I was impressed with how easy to use their site truly was, I try to stay up to date on health news, US government news, and a few other topics. I'm not really into the stock market, so I don't bother with that section, but for anyone who wants to keep up with it, the info is there, and updated daily.

Celebrity news? Yes, please! Call it a guilty pleasure, but I also enjoy keeping up with what's happening in the celebrity realm, and pop culture. Informucate keeps me up to date on the latest celeb news. If you like trivia, definitely check out the Informucate daily trivia for a bit of fun!
Informucate keeps you up to date on news topics like money, health, science and technology, sports, arts & entertainment, and so much more! Best of all, you don't have to hunt for the stories you want to read. Pair down your news, or get your news fully loaded! It only takes about five minutes of your time to become Informucated!

Ready to take the Informucate challenge? Head over to Informucate to get the news you want, without all of the other junk you don't want to see. Talk about a big difference! Give it a try, and you just might make the big switch, like I did!

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