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Eat the Darn Cake, Already! #MondayMotivation

Not to deter anyone who might be trying to watch their weight- I saw this posted on a friend's Facebook page this morning, and I just thought- Yeah. Too many times, I have passed up something awesome, because I was too afraid of what might happen if I just went for it. Too many times have I missed out on opportunities to be silly and have fun, because I was too afraid of what others might think of me if they happened to see me. Too many times I have fallen short, because I have been terrified to take that big leap of faith. I've missed out on special memories, because I felt too tired to suck it up and participate. I've passed up trips or retreats, simply because I'm too scared to let people get to know the real me. 

I'm done with it- and if you're in or have been in similar situations, I hop you'll be done with it, too. Who the heck cares? This is your life- it's time to take charge. Think back to when you were a child and spent so much time day dreaming about adulthood... what you wanted to be, where you wanted to go. Are you there? Have you done the things you wanted to do? Are you in the profession you so desired? Have you crossed lots of things off of your bucket list? I am slowly crossing things off of mine, and realizing more and more each day, that I have the support of a loving husband, and family, and there's nothing I can't do. Same goes for you- you're never too old to start a new career path. It's never too late to say you're sorry and make amends. It's never too
 late to follow your heart and reach for the stars.

This is your life... are you who you want to be?


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