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Be Happy!! #MondayMotivation

I love this quote! I made the decision several years ago to just be happy! I think it happened when my two little ones were born just 11 months apart from each other. The shift may have not even happened when my 3rd was born, it may have happened when #1 was 5, #2 was 7 weeks old and I found out that I was pregnant with #3! There were so many things that could stress me out, that could cause me to be unhappy, but I decided to just laugh, go with the flow, always smile, mind my business, and stay away from the drama. And I've never looked back =)

Make your kids smile and laugh. You are their heroes!!
Be a good friend.
Say hi to a stranger.
Smile at everyone you see.
Bring a muffin or a coffee to a co-worker for no reason... just to make their day.
Say Sorry if you should.
and most importantly,

Happy Monday my Friends!!!

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