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Wordy* Wednesday- A 20/20 List

* We typically do a "Wordless Wednesday" post, but I couldn't resist sharing this particular picture and then things just kind of got out of hand. I hope you'll forgive me, and of course enjoy this post! 

No, this is not a phony bill! My husband really had this in his wallet earlier this year and since it's been so long since I've seen a $5 bill that looks like this, I had to take a picture.

This bill indicates it's a "Series 1995", so of course I got all nostalgic and started reminiscing about life in 1995. Since it was 20 years ago, I thought it would be kind of nice to make a list of 20 things from that year.

Won't you stroll down memory lane with me?

20/20 List- 20 Things That I Can't Believe Happened 20 Years Ago!

1. I turned 16 in October of 1995! I convinced my Dad to let me host my birthday party at his house that year and I was pretty excited about it. Thinking back I don't really remember much about it, likely because it was 20 years ago!

I Tried To Find a Photo of Me From 1995, Really I Did! 

2. Aerosmith won a Grammy (Rock Duo or Group with Vocal) for the song "Crazy". Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler starred in the video and honestly, that old guy at the gas station still creeps me out! 

3. Toy Story was released, and we were basically left wondering if the possibility of our toys coming to life was totally freaky or absolutely awesome!

4. "The One Where Ross Finds Out" airs and it is the first episode of "Friends" that I ever watch.  I end up catching "Friends" fever, and still have a mild case of it today! One of the side effects is doing the "clap, clap, clap" every time you hear the theme song. 

5. If you tuned into the Disney Channel, you could catch Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera on "The Mickey Mouse Club". 

6. The movie "Clueless" was released. Hey, would you look at that, it's Alicia Silverstone again! What is she holding? (See #7)

7. Cell phones looked like THIS. No apps and no texting. It was a phone, you talked on it, and that was pretty much it! 

8. "Brotherly Love" was one of my favorite television shows. It may not have been the greatest show in the world, but  I had (and kind of still have) a crush on Joey Lawrence and loved seeing him post "Blossom" with his real-life brothers. 

9. "Full House" ended, seemingly out of nowhere. Thankfully, you can still catch reruns and Netflix will be airing a sequel titled "Fuller House" next year! 

10. The Average Cost of a House in 1995 was $113,150.00! 

11. The Average Cost of a Gallon of Gas was $1.09 

12. The Average Ticket to the Movies was $4.35 

13. If you wanted to have a movie night at home, you could always rent one, likely still on VHS, from one of these places:

14. People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive was Brad Pitt. 

15. Time Magazine's Man of the Year was Newt Gingrich

16. Fashion looked a lot like this

Found on Miss Moss

17. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum opened to the public Saturday September 2, 1995 in Cleveland, Ohio. Opening day ended with a benefit concert at Cleveland Municipal Stadium with performances by some incredible musical talents including George Clinton, the Kinks, Bruce Springsteen, Aretha Franklin and more! 

18. Much of the world was sucked into the trial of O.J. Simpson, watching as if it were a soap opera. The verdict was announced in October 1995, and I remember teachers and students watching in the classroom. 

19. These songs made it to Number 1 on the Billboard Charts:
"On Bended Knee" by Boyz II Men
"Creep" by TLC
"Take a Bow" by Madonna
"This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan
"Waterfalls" by TLC
"Kiss from a Rose" by Seal
"You Are Not Alone" by Michael Jackson
"Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio featuring L.V.
"Fantasy"  by Mariah Carey
"Exhale (Shoop Shoop)"  by Whitney Houston
"One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men

20. "Se7en" was released. To this day, whenever I hear someone ask about the contents of a box, I have to do my Brad Pitt  "What's in the Box?" impression. 
*I was going to include a clip, but there was a lot of cursing, so I decided against it. If you don't mind the cursing, you can check it out here.*

What are some of your favorite memories from 1995? I'd love to reminisce some more, so be sure to leave some comments! 


  1. 1995 I was 19 had my own apartment and drove a lovely puke blue chevette that could barely contain my Rave Mega Hold hair do.

  2. I totally remember that hair spray! What a great memory!


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