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Try The World #Review

Do you want to send your kids back to school with unique lunch options or spice up your dorm life? Do both with some culinary treasures from around the world delivered right to your doorstep! 

Wouldn't you love to send your kiddos to school on their first day with a lunch from Morocco or Paris? Or if you're in college wouldn't it be great to be the kid on the floor with the awesome Brazilian coffee or Italian candy? Either one of these opportunities is ready for you to grab with Try The World subscription boxes. Taste the world without ever leaving home! 

Try The World has a variety of options for you to pick from in order to taste all the flavors of the world. Choose from BI-MONTHLY (1 box every two months) for $39 every two months, SEMI-ANNUALLY (3 boxes per year) $105 every 6 months this option helps you save 10% a box, or ANNUALLY (6 boxes per year) $189 a year this is the best deal if you ask me because once you start you'll be hooked and this way, you save 15% per box! 

Each box from Try The World contains 6-7 delicacies gathered by a local expert and incredibly helpful card that describes each full size gourmet product, 

an educational culture guide with music, movies, recipes and more. Also, Try The World offers free shipping and returns with the option to cancel any time.

I've had the amazing oportunity to work with Try The World on a few different boxes this year and so far I've really enjoyed all of them. My latest box that I want to share with you is the Japan box. If you're like me, you've never been to Japan and never really thought about traveling to any Asian countries but this box might change your mind! If you have the Japan box delivered to your home, you'll find it is filled with some pretty neat stuff including some beautiful chopsticks and paper. (Mine did not come with these so I don't have any pictures of me using them)

My amazing box from Try The World came with some very interesting and tasty items. Below you'll find a picture and description of everything I received. 

Blueberry Tea

What would a box from Japan be without some tea?! Tea is a staple in many Asian countries including Japan. This Matcha Blueberry tea was awesome! It smelled amazing and really hit the spot. It was sweet and aromatic with the taste of fresh blueberries. Yum!

Seaweed Snacks

Yea, I know what you're thinking. Ew seaweed?! But seriously it was actually pretty good. There was a slight salty taste with a good crunch. It wouldn't take the place of a potato chip but I wasn't mad at it. You can also use these sheets to cook with.  

Soba Noodles

Ok so I was SUPER excited to try these Soba noodles because of the Panera commercial that shows the yummy looking noodle bowls that they have now but honestly, I wasn't really a fan of these. They have a nutty wheat flavor that just didn't sit right with my taste buds. 

I actually liked them better raw than cooked. 

After cooking the noodles according to directions I found online (there were none in english on the package) I tried them in a soup form as well as in a cold noodle salad but neither of them made me go wow. 

Lychee Gummy Candy

Candy, especially gummies is something I can get into! These gluten free treats were pretty good. I've never had a Lychee fruit so I can't say if they are true to their natural flavor or not but I can tell you that they have a slight, very delicate pearish appleish flavor. 

Sweet and soft, these gummies were gobbled up by not only myself and my husband, but my cousin, her fiance, and her 3 year old son. 

Ponzu Sauce

I love love love soy sauce so when I used my description card and finally figured out this was a bottle of Panzu sauce I was stoked because from what I've heard its basically a citrus soy sauce. 

I've heard Ponzu being used on a lot of cooking shows liked Chopped and like I said I love soy sauce so I used my bottle to make a cold noodle salad with the soba noodles. 

Here is the dressing I made, it was basically and oil and vinegar style sauce using some EVOO and the Ponzu. The recipe I used said to whisk the EVOO and Ponzu together, toss it with cold noodles, and enjoy. I did not enjoy. Like I said earlier I didn't enjoy the soba noodle flavor and I did not enjoy the Ponzu even more. I was really disappointed. However, I want you to form your own opinion about both the soba noodles and the Ponzu because you might love them both!! 

Okonomiyaki Kit

Ok so I've never heard of Okonomiyaki but after some reasearch, Ive found out it's a very popular dish in Japan. It's an omelet-like pancake that you can change up with a variety of different toppings. This Try The World  box contains a kit with enough ingredients to make 2 cakes. I haven't tried these yet because the instructions aren’t actually in English on the outside so Im not exactly sure what to do. From what I can tell by the photos Ill need cabbage, eggs, water, bacon, green onions, and a brownish red sauce... anyone know what that might be? I like omelets and I like pancakes so Ill try this one of these days but I've got some more research to do. 

Morinaga Milk Caramels 

Ok readers, I've saved the best for last here. 

The recipe for these special milk caramels date back to 1899.

These tasty treats were amazing! They were soft, sweet, chewy, and melted in your mouth. These were devoured in my house and Im sad they are gone. They are the perfect size to just pop in your mouth for a quick sweet treat and they were rich enough that one was really all you needed. I almost wish I would have saved some of them so I could have tried to make a caramel apple with them! 

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of these local treats from Japan. Remember Try The World as you get ready to head back to school this year. A cold soba noodle and Ponzu salad would make a great addition to anyone's lunchbox! 

All in all this box from Try The World  was pretty good and Im looking forward to working with them again. Im still hoping for a British box! 

Special thanks to Diego and Try The World for working with us again and sponsoring this awesome review. 

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