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Take a Trip Back to the Prairie: Little House on the Prairie, Season 6 #review

I'm so excited to find my favorite childhood shows coming out on DVD.  It's a walk down memory lane to be able to go back and watch them.  I'm not much of a TV watcher currently because I just haven't found much on these days that fits my taste in programming.  Little House on the Prairie has been an all time favorite of mine for many years.  I have continued to watch it anytime I can find it on TV. The life the people of this time period led was hard but simple.  I would love to go back in time and experience this type of life.  My, how the world has changed since the Prairie days.  I love the actors in Little House on the Prairie.  Laura Ingalls Wilder has always been a favorite of mine.  If you want to step back in time or relive some of your childhood days, you will want to watch this series.

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This release contains every episode from the sixth season of the successful television series Little House on the Prairie, based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. When Almanzo Wilder and his sister Eliza Jane move to Walnut Grove in the sixth season of this cherished series, life will never be the same for Laura Ingalls. Fully restored and remastered, all 24 uncut episodes shine with quality picture and sound, bringing new excitement to many memorable moments contained within this wonderful sixth season.

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I love Laura and Almanzo!!

I hope you will enjoy these great DVDs as much as I am!!  Thank you to Adam for the opportunity to tell you about Little House on the Prairie.  It has been a pleasure.

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Head on over to www.amazon.com and get your own set of Little House on the Prairie DVDs.  They are also available at Best Buy, Target and most department stores that carry DVDs.  

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