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Simple Acts #RAK

So, I read on Facebook all the time about people having their order paid for at a fast food place or coffee shop.  I always read them and think how awesome that is but it had never happened to me.  Well....2 weeks ago I was in the drive through that I frequent a couple times a week, Dunkin Donuts!  I'm addicted to the iced coffee!  I had my $2.34 ready to hand the lady because I go enough that I know what my total is and have it ready.  When I got to the window I was told that the car in front of me had paid for my order and that I was car #23 in the line of paying it forward.  Of course, I paid for the person behind me to keep this going.  I was feeling so excited that this was happening right here and I was a part of it that I didn't mind getting my wallet out to pay a couple more dollars than what my order was.  Something so simple made me feel so good!!  I don't know how long this continued that afternoon at Dunkin Donuts, but I know if made my day to be a part of it!  Last week when I went through the drive through I had a couple extra dollars on me so I decided to pay for the order of the person behind me.  I don't know if the person behind me kept it going or not and it doesn't even matter to me because I know how it  made me feel to do this!  It's amazing how such simple things can make you and so many others feel so good!  I challenge you to take a little extra time and do something kind for someone else...you will be glad that you did and your heart will be happy!!

Have a wonderful day friends!!

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