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Shower Them With Comfort: Pello #Review + #Giveaway ($120.00 RV)

When it comes to wanting to shower a loved one or a special friend with a special gift for their little one, it can be difficult to find something that isn't super generic. My mind always leans toward practical baby shower gifts. I'm a mom, so I try to think back to the gifts I received which were the most helpful/useful. I remember thinking about how much I appreciated the gifts I received that went beyond those newborn months, and were appropriate for an older baby. It certainly helped cut down on the number of items hubby and I had to buy once B was a few months old. Having a safe, soft, warm place to lay him down was important to me, and I wish that I had known about Pello floor pillows!

Pello is a beautiful luxe floor pillow, designed by mother of two, Cindy. Cindy put herself through school by working as a Children's Librarian by day, and sewing st night. She fell in love with her husband, they were married, and had two beautiful boys. Cindy wanted to stay home with her boys, so they could always be near her. She worked on various sewing projects at home- making draperies and bedding, laying her boys near her, on the floor. Cindy thought the floor was so cold, and wanted a better solution for laying her boys down. Her idea for Pello was inspired by a mom who brought a pillow along to a breastfeeding support group meeting to lay her baby down on. Cindy ran with her own idea for a soft, safe floor pillow, and began taking orders from all over the country. That was 11 years ago, and now, hundreds of Pellos later, the Pello business is booming!

I was certainly intrigued by Pello, and we were offered the opportunity to try one out!

Our Pello arrived in a large box, with a Made in the USA sticker right on the front. B was so excited to find out what might possibly be inside of this huge box!

Our Pello was wrapped in a large plastic bag, to keep it from becoming dirty from the shipping box.

It was also tied closed with a white bow! What a lovely touch!

You can see the outline of the Pello through the plastic. B noticed the soft, doughnut shaped product, and couldn't wait to remove the covering and check it out!

Pello is a luxe floor pillow that goes beyond the standard play mat, positioning pillow, or baby gym.  The Pello provides comfort and support, promotes muscle development, and encourages independent play. Pellos are two sided- each side offering a different fabric/design. One side is a soft minky, and the other side s a durable, coordinating design. Pello features a tiny pocket, handles for easy carrying, and loops to attach toys for play time.

There were numerous patterns and designs to choose from on the Pello website, but I fell in love with the Jack pattern.

I chose the Jack pattern for a couple of different reasons:
1- I have a boy, and he does love blue anything and everything.
2- I loved the mix of plush minky, polka dots, and the quatrefoil design on the flip side.
3- The colors matched the colors of the living room furniture we've had our eyes on (thinking ahead!).

The Pello has a tiny pocket attached to it, which is perfect for older children to store small items in.

Right now, B is using the Pello, and loves to store some of the small books he receives from Chick-fil-A meals in there. For a young baby, the pocket would be a great place to store a burp cloth for those little spit-up moments, or it's a great place to tuck a little lovey.

The Pello features tiny little fabric loops around the edges, which you can attach soft toys to.

I love the fact that you can attach toys directly to the Pello. I have many memories of B chucking his toys across the room when he was a baby, enjoying play time on his play mat. By attaching the toys to the floor pillow, the toys are within reach to baby, and you won't have to worry about them being tossed about. You can turn Pello into an instant play mat for baby. wherever you are!

Don't you want to reach out and touch this Pello?

The Pello is so soft and luxe! I love the minky side, and so does B! Right now, we love to take turns laying our heads on the Pello when we have movie nights at home... it's so soft. I love to just run my hand across the fabric- it's very comforting. The reverse side of the Pello is cushy, and we love the quatrefoil design. It's on trend, and fabulous!

Pello has two attached handles, which make it easy to move Pello from room to room, or to transport it- wherever you need to go.

Pello is a wonderful addition to the home. It makes a wonderful floor cushion for older children, toddlers, and even grown ups! It makes a perfect cushion for story time, to lounge on for play time, or for movie time. Since it's portable, you can easily tote it along on trips, take it to grandma's house, etc.

B absolutely loves the Pello. It's soft and supportive, and gives him a comfy place to sit while he looks at his e-Books, or plays educational games on the tablet.

Pello is also perfect for anytime lounging!

I love that the Pello actually grows with your child. They're wonderful for babies (for use on the floor, only), and provide a soft, safe place for them to lay down on or sit up on. Older children love Pello as well, and with so many patterns and colors to choose from, you can give a special gift that matches the colors of a baby's nursery, or a child's room. The fabrics and patterns are cute and modern, and there are several to choose from!

Majestic Floor Pillow
Majestic Pattern

Peaks Floor Pillow
Peaks Pattern

Max Floor Pillow
Max Pattern

Sophia Floor Pillow
Sophia Pattern

Emma Floor Pillow
Emma Pattern

I am so excited that we have a beautiful Pello floor pillow to lounge on. It'll make a wonderful place for our next little one to lounge and play on, and for now, it's a fantastic pillow for B. I have a feeling that we might have to get another one! Pello is the ultimate baby shower gift! My sister-in-law is currently expecting her first baby (due in just a few days!), and I would love to gift her a Pello for 'Baby Hulk.' I am also happy to have a Pello at my house, so if the Popes come to visit, we'll have a soft spot for baby. Pello is washable, and can be placed in the dryer, as well, which I love- I can always make sure it's clean!

Check out the Pello in action...

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Pello to browse all of their beautiful designs & patterns. Pello also offers coordinating items like blankets, and has gift certificates available, as well! You can also connect with Pello on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

Want it? Win it?

One lucky reader will win their very own Pello in winner's choice of color ($120.00 RV). This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. No PO Boxes. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Special thanks to Cindy, and our friends at Pello for allowing us to experience the comfort of the Pello and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers.

Good luck!


  1. I would pick the Majestic print.

  2. I would choose the Jill pillow.

  3. Susan

    I like the Max floor pillow

  4. The Peaks Floor pillow would work in my house


  5. Twila

    I like the Sophia pattern. awesome

  6. I like the Sydney Floor Pillow.

  7. I'd go with the Tweet Tangerine!

  8. Heather Hayes PanjonAugust 16, 2015 at 9:56 PM

    I Would Choose The Jack Floor Pillow.
    hthr83heather at yahoo dot com

  9. I'd pick the Peaks Pattern. So cute!

  10. I would choose the Max Floor Pillow

  11. I really love the Max Floor pillow. named after my favorite dog


  12. I like the Max pillow the best


  13. Evelyn

    I like the Sophia pattern

  14. I would choose the Sophia pattern. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  15. I also love the Pello Majestic Light Pink & Tweet Tangerine Aqua Burp Cloths

  16. All the products are awesome.


  17. I really like the Sweet Tangerine Floor Pillow.

  18. I like the Sydney Floor Pillow too.

  19. I would choose the Peaks Floor Pillow.

  20. I would pick the Sophia Floor Pillow

  21. The lemonade blanket is really cool!

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  23. Twila

    Your products are the best

  24. I would choose the max floor pillow

  25. the lemonade blanket at pello is adorable too


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