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Share and Wear Your Memories with Soufeel Jewelry #review


If you're like me, you're the type of mom who doesn't want to forget any moment or memory. Unfortunately our cameras can only capture so many, and with all of the business that is daily life around here, I personally often have a hard time even remembering what was for dinner last night. Charm bracelets are an amazing way to display your memories! Soufeel has come up with an extensive selection of charms and beads to help you commemorate all of these special times.  

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Soufeel is an international jewelry business founded in 2011. They strive to provide memorable, long-lasting jewelry for "every memorable day." Their charms are all made from 925 sterling silver, and are interchangeable with other popular brands. There are also tons of pre-sale items and new arrivals.  

Ricky from Soufeel offered me the opportunity to choose a customized sterling silver charm bracelet. With us still being in the summer season, and my family finally gearing up for our vacations, my brain was really focused on family and beach fun! There was plenty for me to choose from and I made sure to look over every item possible to make sure I was getting exactly what I was looking for.

This is the first review I have had the opportunity to write for Mommy's Block Party, so I was quite anxious for my package to arrive. Needless to say, it was quite the happy experience to open my delivery.

Since the company ships internationally, it took about 2 weeks for the bracelet to arrive from when I ordered. I wasn't too worried because Soufeel was able to provide a tracking number when the order was shipped.

I was impressed by the pretty packaging when I opened the box!

The bracelet was placed in this box for delivery. The white luxury box comes FREE with each order!

Upon opening the box, I was pleased to see the pretty packaging. There was a gift bag, as well as bracelet box with a bow. I look for anywhere possible that I can save a dollar or two, so I can really appreciate the thoughtful presentation. Perfect for gift giving! Inside the box was the bangle, 5 charms each in an individual plastic baggie, and a small polishing cloth. Now it was time to start building my bracelet!

Here is how the clasp looks when opened. You can add charms to either end.

The bangle bracelet is slightly bendable which made it easy to add and take off charms.

In just a few minutes and after a few tries to make sure I had the charms situated correctly and facing the right direction, my bracelet was ready to try on. I did notice that it was a bit larger than I anticipated it being. I was able to slide it on and off without using the clasp. Usually with charm bracelets it is recommended to have it a bit larger than a normal bracelet, so I think it should be safe to say that as my charm collection grows I will be grateful for the extra length.

The charms dangle around the bracelet, but I wanted to show you guys how they looked all together.

I also really liked that each piece was clearly stamped with the 925 sterling silver symbol. Each piece while being similar in theme was still very unique in design. I went with a beach theme to symbolize our family beach trips, and also as a tribute to my love of taking pictures constantly(much to the chagrin of my kids and hubby) I picked the vintage camera charm. It's being lovingly referred to as my paparazzi charm. I went out on a limb with the dangling starfish charm. This was a sure-fire test to the strength and durability of the product for me. With four crazy boys running around here it's a challenge to keep anything in good shape, let alone something that's hanging! It's been close to two weeks at this point and I must point out that the bracelet as a whole has lived up to the challenge.  

I chose the sterling silver basic charms bangle with the coconut palm tree murano glass bead, beach bum charm, vintage camera charm, starfish dangle charm, and the waves and beach murano glass bead.

The Soufeel Beach Bum Charm

All six pieces that I received were clearly stamped 925 to signify that they are quality sterling silver.

Soufeel has starter bracelets available as low as $15.95 on their website. From there you can choose your favorite charms and start building your story. They also offer free shipping worldwide for any orders over $50.00, and currently with any order $59 or over you can receive a free necklace. If your order is over $79.00 you will receive a free charm, and even better if the order is over $99.00 you will receive a bracelet for free! There is even a 365 day return or exchange guarantee.

I want to give a great big thank you to Ricky from the Soufeel team, for the opportunity to review my beautiful bracelet! I definitely plan on expanding my collection of charms. With the new arrivals each month, I have a good feeling that the bracelet will take on even more of a life than simply a beach bracelet. And now I know I've got an affordable company to use if I am looking to purchase something similar for all of the other special ladies in my life.

Want it? Get it!

Like what you saw? Head on over to http://www.soufeel.com/ and check out the selection. When you're ready to make your purchase, don't forget to enter the promo code Shaun5 to receive an extra 5% off your total order. 
You can also follow them on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, or Instagram to see the latest deals and styles. 

Stay Stylish,

~Shaun Marie~


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