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Let's Get Moving #MondayMotivation

Happy Monday! I have to be honest, lately, I have not been the best motivator. I can hardly motivate myself to do much of anything. I haven't been feeling all that well, and find myself crashing, rather than going, going, going. I have fallen off my exercise wagon, and I need to jump back on in the worst way. Maybe you're there, too? 

School starts next week, which means this week will be filled with the usual work, meetings, extra stuff, doctor's appt's., hair cuts, school supply shopping, parent orientation, and open houses. Yikes! I wish I had an energy button that I could press to keep me moving! One of the best ways I know to keep moving, is to actually get moving. Making time to exercise is not only important for one's physical and mental health, it increases your energy, releases endorphins, and will make you feel better, overall. 

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Here are some great ways to get moving...

Take a walk.
Play tag with your kids.
Turn on some music and have a dance party.
Clean the house.
Do some yard work.
Go for a run or jog.
Ride a bike.
Go on a hike.
Go to the YMCA or gym.
Start a neighborhood walking group.
Do some yoga.
Take a cardio work out class.
Try Zumba.

I'm going to do my best to get moving again- consistently. and get back to that daily routine of working out. Won't you join me? We'll all be better off, because of it.

I hope you have a marvelous Monday!

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