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Learning how to be a runner! #fitnessfriday

Don't you love that picture of that beautiful runner?  How many of you are runners?  I am NOT a runner!!  But, my friend has talked me into joining a beginners running club.  That should be an interesting month and a half of my life.  The class will meet once a week for an hour over 8 weeks.  We will have 30 minutes of classroom instruction (running shoes, stretching, strengthening, running form, injury prevention nutrition, safety, and race day) and then 30 minutes of outside running time.  Will I turn into a runner?  I don't know.  I will go into this experience with an open mind and do the best that I can do.  If nothing else, I will be moving and exercising and getting to spend some time with my friend.  I hope in a couple of months to come back and tell you all how much I love running!  I would love to hear from all you runners.  Why do you love to run?  How did you become a runner?

Have a great Friday!!

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