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How Much Are You Worth? The Importance of Workers' Compensation

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Have you ever wondered just how much you're worth (yes, you!), and weighed the risks of being injured while on the job? In 2010, the US Department of labor reported 3.1 million non-fatal workplace injuries. Along with injuries in the workplace, comes sickness and health concerns. Industries with the highest injury rates included:

Health care and Social assistance
Transportation and Warehousing
Arts, Entertainment, Recreation
Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting and Fishing

There are even certain health and injury risks with your day to day jobs- teaching, office administration, law enforcement, public safety,  construction, etc. You never really know when an accident might occur, and they can happen any time. If you're accident prone, you may even take extra precautions to protect yourself from harm in the workplace.

A particularly risky work environment is construction or home renovation. When working on ladders or scaffolding, there is always a risk that one may move the wrong way and fall. Roofing houses is very risky, as there is always a risk of slipping and falling off the roof, or scraping your skin on the shingles, resulting in a burn-like scar. Working with tools, electric or manual poses a big risk, as does working with nails, staples, chemicals, etc. 

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Not all workplace injuries are the result of large accidents. Sitting at a desk day after day for years on end can result in joint or muscle problems. Working at the computer daily can lead to Carpel Tunnel, which often times must be corrected with surgery.

Taking the proper precautions when on the job is of utmost importance. Wearing protective masks, coveralls, protective eye wear can save the skin, crucial organs and more from serious injury. Knowing your rights when it comes to injury claims is also important.

Did you know...

Your body is worth over 2 million dollars! The scalp alone has a Black Market Value of $607.00. Just one hand per person in the US is worth over $144,000.00! Care to guess how much a pinky finger is worth in the US? Over $11,000.00! Arms are worth over $300,000.00, and feet are worth over $180,000! When you add up all of the bones, organs, etc of the human body, the total worth rings in at a whopping $2,651,897! Wow!

You're more valuable that you realize, and keeping safe while at work is so important. Occasionally, accidents do happen, and if/when they do, be sure you know your rights regarding workers' compensation, and don't hesitate to look into filing a claim if you need to!

Stay safe!

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