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Getting to Know You Thursdays with Emily

Hey friends! What have you been up to this week? Here's how my week is shaping up.

What's For Dinner Tonight?

Slow Cooker BBQ chicken, macaroni & cheese, and steamed kale with rice vinegar

Whatcha Reading?

(one of) My old blog(s) menuPlanned. For a few months in 2012 I kept track of all my weekly meal plans so it would be easier to plan future weeks, or help others who were trying to do the same. I went looking for ideas for our current weekly menu, but since I have the toddler thing under control (and by under control I mean, surrendered to the tiny dictator entirely) and have more time on my hands, I might pick it back up.

Listening to Anything Good?

Hubs recently showed me that we get free music with Amazon Prime. There's an awesome "100 Sing-a-long Songs for Kids" playlist! Score!

This Week I Am Loving....

I can almost taste Fall. It's not cool enough for sleeves yet, but I did wear jeans this morning, there are a million back to school photos in my Facebook feed, and I saw some school busses around town. Bring it on!

But I Am So Done With...

Just call me Goldilocks, I am so done with pillows! This one's too hard, that one's too soft, this one's too thick, that one is too big. I had one good one a few years ago that got ruined (a story for another time) and I've never been able to replace it, so I'm still looking for my just right!

Silliest Thing This Week

I do love it when I can actually be spontaneous! We set out to go to one park but through the biggest detour ever, wound up at one with a really cool, toddler friendly splash pad (if you're local to the Charlotte area, check out Village Park in Kannapolis, it only costs $1 and there is also a train for $1 pp). I hadn't packed any swim clothes, so we ran in CVS to get some swim diapers and sunscreen so Mr. G could splash to his heart's content. I let him wear his regular shorts over the swim diaper and discovered why swim trunks are better for swimming (hello saggy britches!) and his giggles made up for my worry over the lack of SPF shirt, which I never let him outside without!

Thanks for catching up. Tell me the silliest thing about your week in the comments!

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