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Did someone say cookies? Bud's Best Cookies! #review #giveaway

Cookies?  Well, of course I'll taste your cookies and share with you all how good they are!!  When this package arrived on my porch Aiden thought it was the best day ever!!  I try not to buy a lot of cookies and sweets because I normally am the one that ends up eating most of it and I do not need it.  But I had to taste some of these yummy treats.  We received many different cookie flavors to try out.  My favorites have been the Vanilla Creme and the cookies with Butterfinger chunks in them.  Yummy!  What is nice is that the cookies we received are in small packages so are easy for on the go or if you just need a little sweet pick me up.  I have to agree with the slogan from Bud's Best Cookies...they are little cookies with a big taste!  There are 19+ flavors in a variety of package sizes for you to choose from.  Bud's Best Cookies can be delivered right to your front door,  Head on over and check out their awesome webpage at www.budsbestcookies.com.  There are lots of things to do and games for the kids. It is sure to make your tummy growl!

 Aiden could read this box so was pretty excited to see what was inside.


A kid's dream!

What a variety. 

So much to choose from. 

It didn't take too long to tear into the first bag!

It's okay to have cookies for breakfast...right?

A message from Bud Cason, the founder of Bud's Best Cookies....

Welcome to Bud's Best Cookies

Cookies are in my blood. As a boy of 12 years old, working in my aunt's bakery, I knew that someday I wanted to own my own cookie factory. I've now been in the cookie business for more than fifty years.
My vision and dream of building the most modern cookie factory in the world came true in 1991. Of course, I've seen a lot of changes over the years - from selling cookies out of a jar for a penny each, to producing over a million cookies per hour. We even offer tours through the factory on our Cookie Train, so you can see for yourself how Bud's Best Cookies are made.
But, besides their delicious taste, perhaps one of the greatest things about Bud's Best Cookies is... they're bite-sized! That means they're perfect for kids of all ages.
Because of our commitment to give our customers the highest quality cookies at the lowest possible price, you have my word.

There are many selections to choose from.  I'm sure there is something for everyone. 

Thank you to Bud's Best Cookies for a yummy product and for allowing me to sample it!  I thoroughly enjoyed working with you on this review.  

Want it? Buy it!
You can get your own selection of yummy cookies at www.budsbestcookies.com.  You can also find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/budsbestcookies, Twitter at twitter.com/budsbestcookies, Instagram at instagram.com/budsbestcookies and Pintreset at www.pinterest.com/budsbestcookies.


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