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I can't believe that summer is over and its time for school to start again! My students don't start until a week from today but I know friends and family that have been in school for two or three weeks already! Where did the summer go?! 

Well, since its back to school time I know all you parents and guardians are stocking up on healthy snacks to send with your kiddos and healthy snacks to have lying around for when those hungry bellies get home. Unfortunately for a lot of people these days gluten intolerance makes it really hard to shop for your typical snacks. People who suffer from gluten intolerance and celiac disease can always have fruits and veggies as a snack but everyone craves something salty and crunchy from time to time. Today I have a great product that is perfect for everyone and any snack time!

Crunchmaster gluten free crackers are made in the USA at their baking facility in Loves Park, IL using only the highest quality ingredients. Crunchmaster uses only GMO free California grown rice, sesame seeds grown in the U.S., quinoa seeds sourced from South America, and flax seeds grown in the plains of the upper Midwest and Canada. Crunchmaster uses these variety of seeds because of their, nutritional benefits. Quinoa contains essential amino acids for humans, the sesamin in sesame can lower total and LDL cholesterol and raise tocopherol levels and flax seeds contain high levels of lignans and Omega-3 fatty acids and may help lower your cholesterol levels. Crunchmaster is also proud to say that their products are gluten free. 

While I don't have an issue with gluten, I know quite a few people who are so I've tasted a few gluten free products and Crunchmaster is by far my favorite set of products out of those that I've had the opportunity to taste. Really though, even if you don't have gluten issues, Crunchmaster is a great choice for snack crackers. They are 100% whole grain, peanut free, and they contain 0g of saturated fat. 

I was given the opportunity to try the following products from Crunchmaster: 

Sea Salt Multi-Grain Crackers

These tasty crackers are full of fiber and whole grains. They have a texture that feels a lot like a Wheat Thin and a yummy crunchy, salty, flavor. I was expecting these to taste just like a regular whole grain cracker but it didn't. It had a subtly different flavor than a cracker with gluten in it but I enjoyed it. 

Original Multi-Seed Crackers

There are plenty of similar crackers on the market that contain gluten that are gross. Im normally not a fan of seed crackers but the Crunchmaster Multi-Seed cracker is another story. With a little piece of cheese or some peanut butter, these crackers were awesome! I really liked them. Plus they made me feel pretty adult like because they weren't a "kid" cracker. 

Speaking of "kid" crackers, as you're looking through this review I can see a lot of you thinking "hmmm those look good but my kids would never eat those! They are healthy looking and have seeds. My kids need cheesy and sweet." Have no fear! Crunchmaster has what you need! Please let me introduce you to the yummiest gluten free snack I've ever had! 

Cheezy Crisps 

Throw out the Cheese-Its and Goldfish and stock your shelves with Cheezy Crisps from Crunchmaster!  These delicious crackers are safe to send to school, healthy, safe for everyones tummies, and tasty! 

If you'd rather have a sweet treat instead of a cheesy one, open your cupboards to these...


Move over graham crackers there's a new star on the shelf. I loved the sweet cinnamon sugar dust that was on these bad boys. Also, they made a great protein pack snacked when I added a little nut butter. Yum! 

So readers, if you are looking for something new to snack on and/or to send to school with your littles check out Crunchmaster's social network pages for other great products and ideas: http://www.facebook.com/crunchmaster, https://twitter.com/luvcrunchmaster, http://pinterest.com/crunchmaster/. 

Want it? Buy it! 
Please look for Crunchmaster at a store near you! Here's a coupon for you to use also on your first box. 

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One lucky reader could win a 2 variety sampler packs (6 bags/boxes of assorted Crunchmaster products). Just fill out the easy entry form below and good luck!

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  1. I'd love to try Cheezy Crisps from Crunchmaster!

  2. i think my girls would love to try the Grammy Crisps Cinnamon Sugar

  3. Hard to choose between the Cheezy Crisps and Sea Salt!

  4. All of their products sound yummy! I've tried the multi-seed crackers and love them, but I really want to try the wasabi soy popped edamame chips and the multigrain crackers. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I'd love to try the Cinnamon & Sugar Grammy Crisps.


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