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Be Gentle with Yourself #MondayMotivation

Good morning and happy Monday! My family and I are on vacation  this week, visiting our family in NJ. Preparation for vacation certainly wasn't  easy. I am usually  Uber organized when it comes to getting our family ready for vacations,  but the past two weeks have been absolutely insane and super busy. Just Saturday, I was in Charlotte, NC, doing a live TV segment for WBTV News. I was thrilled for the opportunity, but was scrambling to get all of my work done last week. The last thing I want to do is work through my whole vacation.

Needless to say, I wasn't able to accomplish everything on my mile long list of tasks. I worked right up until it was time to leave the house yesterday. My husband pretty much had to tell me to put my work away and get into the car. I agreed, because I was more than ready for vacation to begin, and knew that I could work in the car, via my phone or tablet. As we gathered the last few items we needed to pack into the car and closed the doors, I still felt frustrated with myself, amid the excitement of leaving for our trip. I sort of let myself down, not being able to complete all that I set out to complete before we left.

I fumbled through my wallet and came across a little card that a visitor handed me at church last week. On the front side, it said, 'Be Gentle with Yourself.' On the reverse side, it read, 'I am lovable, courageous, huggable...' and listed many more descriptions... followed by, 'and so are you.' I've been going through a bit of a hard time for several months, which isn't something that many people know about. I had forgotten all about my self-worth, and was convinced that I wasn't advancing in certain areas if my life, because I just wasn't good enough... which I know isn't true. Sometimes hurt and disappointment can really overshadow the areas of one's life which are just bursting with radiant light.

The little card reminded me that my work and task lists will still be there tomorrow... but that travel day was about spending time with my family. We're a pretty goofy bunch, when we let go of the stresses and just roll with the punches. I'm going to enjoy this week with my loved ones, and go easy on myself if my scheduled tasks are a bit off for the next few days.
Be gentle with yourself, today and every day. You are worthy, you are loved, and the precious lives we live are so worth living.

Have a wonderful week!

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