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A Backpack Inside a Pet with PetSac {Review} #review #petsac

Thank you to PetSac for providing us with an adorable backpack pet for the kids, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.
School is back in full swing and both B and S are gone all day. C has had a fairly smooth transition to being the only home with Mommy and enjoys being the big girl now. While her brother and sister are at school, she likes to pretend she is going to school too. She fills bags and packs pretend lunch and walks around saying "Bye Mom". She was super excited when a package came for her that she could use in her pretend school play.
PetSac is a cool, new company that offers a first of its kind backpack in a plush pet. Created jointly  by NY based Accessory HeadQuarters (a privately held company that specializes in handbags of both premier brands and private labels) and Kick Design (a brand strategy and design agency), PetSac became available August 1st, 2015 both online at www.PetSac.com and in Walmart.
PetSac is not only a stuffed pet to snuggle, it is also a full size 14" nylon backpack with 770 cubic inches of storage. For $19.99 you can have your choice of 9 adorable pet options and 6 fabric design choices.
  • Spike the Dalmatian--It won’t be hard to spot this guy in a crowd of backpacks with his black floppy ears and a sweet face. Choose one of three patterns: Pink Flowers, Red Plaid or Blue Paw.
  • Catpuccino the Kitty--Meow! She’s purr-fect in all white with a pink nose. Choose one of three patterns: Pink Flowers, Red Plaid or Blue Paw.
  • Rory The Lion--Kids will roar with delight after cuddling with the king of the jungle who really is as tame as a pussycat. Choose one of three patterns: White Polka Dots, Green Jungle or Pink Flowers.
  • Blitz The Monkey Feel free to monkey around with this plush pal in chocolate brown with peach-tone detailing. Choose one of three patterns: Green Jungle, Pink Flowers or Red Plaid.
  • Shu Shu The Panda--What’s black and white and goes everywhere? It’s this little softie. Choose one of three patterns: White Polka Dots, Green Jungle or Pink Flowers.
  • Tug The Pug--Who can resist this face with buttery tan coloring with black detailing? Choose one of three patterns: White Polka Dots, Green Camo or Red Plaid.
  • Buddy The Brown Puppy--Woof! Dog lovers are charmed by this caramel brown doll with a black faux leather nose. Choose one of three patterns: Green Camo, Pink Flowers or Blue Paws.
  • Beans The Teddy Bear--The iconic stuffed animal, this Teddy bear is a soft orange/light caramel brown. Choose one of three patterns: White Polka Dots, Red Plaid or Blue Paw.
  • Rocky The Tiger--This beautiful feline is a soft orange with black stripes and white detailing. Choose one of three patterns: Red Plaid, Green Camo or Blue Paw.
Check out this great video on how cute and fun the PetSac is...

I love that these are both a pet and a useful backpack. They are ideal for overnight trips, short travels in the car, sleepovers, or even younger ages of school. We were given the opportunity to choose one pet and backpack design of our choice.
Our PetSac package is here!
This guy wanted to give me a helping hand
Something for the girls
Inside we found this cute little Dalmatian and a few pages of PetSac information.
  • Backpack dimensions – 14″H x 11″W x 5″D
  • Backpack is made of lightweight and durable rip stop nylon
  • 770 cubic inches of storage space
  • 2 zippered compartments
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Great for school, sleepovers & travel
  • For kids ages 3 and up
Now the real test begins
C was so excited to get her super soft puppy and snuggle right up to him. She was having a fun time carrying him around and holding him close. She loves pets and stuffed animals so I love that she can use Spike in this manor.
Then I showed her a special secret about Spike. By pulling his tail, a secret compartment opens up to reveal a backpack. We have the Floral pattern, which is bright pink with yellow and light pink flowers.
She worked hard getting the surprise out and then proceeded to shout backpack at me.
Here is cute little Spike all unpacked.
The backpack is full size and has two comfortable straps as well.
I tightened up the straps and TA-DA! She was so pumped to be wearing a real backpack with a doggie on it. It is a tad big on her, but she does not care one bit, she is a big girl. She has wasted no time filling it full of all her stuff, it is very lightweight, so she isn't pulled down when she has her goodies in it. As soon as it is full, then she is quickly emptying it out to carry Spike around. To transform back into a stuffed pet, all you need to do is pack the backpack back inside Spike and zip him up. C is able to do it herself, which is a great fact when you are 2.
Looking like she could just go off to school
Big sister also tried it out. S is 6 and this bag would work for her for an overnight with cousins or a longer car trip, but not sure it would work for school with all her books, folders, and lunch box everyday, but maybe on occasion.
My girls love the PetSac and have not only found a backpack to fill with goodies, they also have a pet to snuggle when the bag is empty. It is durable, easy to use, simple to clean, and adorable. Thumbs up from us!
Want It? Buy It!
PetSac is available now online and at Walmart. You can follow PetSac at all of their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
So many thanks to PetSac for our Spike the Dalmatian, we love him!

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  1. Those are adorable. My niece would love one. And a side note your sons curls are adorable !!


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