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We're Dancing and Singing to the Cuddlebug Parade #Review

Move over Raffi, "Peanut" has a new album out and we are over the moon with it! Cuddlebug Parade is her second release and her heartwarming vocals and comforting ukulele notes had Mr. G up and dancing on the second track (the first track is a wonderful intro of happy little people sounds!). The songs that follow are an upbeat celebration of all the things that matter in childhood: playing outside, eating delicious food, living in the moment, and being silly! 

Check out those dance moves!
With a degree in Sustainable Food Systems and Environmental Ethics from UC Berkeley, Michal "Peanut" Karmi uses her enchanting voice and "green" background to light up the faces of both toddlers and their parents. How can music be eco-friendly? She sings about shopping the farmer's market and cooking healthy foods, nature, and beautiful days outside. 

Michal "Peanut" Karmi
In addition to the cozy songs it feels like you've been listening to for years, there are a few spoken word interludes, especially "The Big Bug Band," that caught Mr. G's attention. I could almost see his little 14 month old ears listening as intently as possible. Peanut's descriptive words spoken in rhythm helped us both picture a roly poly caterpillar joining his friends to make music. 

As any parent knows, finding music that your children love and you can stand listening to over and over again is tough. Cuddlebug Parade, with its Southern California feel drawn from Peanut's travels in Hawaii and Central American, as well as New Orleans jazz, Shel Silverstain and Lewis Carroll, is a happy find for the littlest ears and the big people listening along too. 

Want it? Buy it.

Cuddlebug Parade is available at Amazon, CDbaby, Bandcamp, and iTunes.

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