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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- The One with All the Birthdays!

Happy Saturday. We have a busy busy weekend ahead, starting with 2 birthday parties today and one tomorrow, that might turn into 2! Do you know how many gifts I have picked out? 1! But only because it's for my "big sister" (I have appointed my good friend, Maria, to this position). You'd think I'd be better at this picking out gifts thing, but I am horrible. I have 2 little girls, so I am really out of touch for what to buy for little boys. Seriously, if you have any suggestions that you can share before 12:30pm EST I'd appreciate it!

In addition to all the birthday parties...actually, that's it! Just birthday parties (and church)  this weekend. I'm sleepy thinking about it, but I know it will be a great weekend. I mean there will be cake, which is always a good thing, Plus, lots of people that we love, and you can never get enough of that. Yes, this weekend will be fabulous, I have declared it, it is so!  

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout outs to Mariah, Roark and Finn, Maria, and Trenton- The Wigglesworth Crew loves you all very much! 

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  1. I'm smiling to myself as I am reading your comment about not knowing what to buy boys because you had girls!! I had the same problem I had girls and my sister and friends had boys.. Especially when it came to boys clothes. I Hadn't a clue! I just bought things that matched. That was my best bet! Good Luck!


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