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Monday Motivation: Simply Significant

I am such a perfectionist that I sometimes get carried away with details* and plans for a project or goals or how I think a certain thing should go. But with a toddler, I don't have tons of spare time to devote to those infinite details. And, also with a toddler, things don't always go as perfect as I want them to. So, lately I've been challenging myself to do less but make it count more, thanks to a quote from one of my favorite (television) men. It makes everyone happier to do a few things really well than trying to do all the things and not getting anything quite right. 

*Speaking of lessons in perfectionism, there is a great story from my college age days in which I snuck home one day without telling my parents I was coming to visit and decorated their house for Christmas. I successfully hung a wreath over the fireplace, decorated the mantle with garland, ornaments, and floating candle holders, put out beautiful white poinsettias on the hearth, and hung the stockings. As I as leaving, I turned around to take one last look and saw something that just wasn't quite right with the wreath. Against my better judgement, I climbed up on the hearth and balanced on the mantel only to have the entire thing come crashing down. All the water spilled into the poinsettias, sending black dirty and crushed leaves and blooms, and broken glass into my mom's new white carpet. And I had to call my dad to fix the mantel. Oops. Should have left well enough alone. This anecdote is not a part of Monday Motivation, except to remind me (and you) being a perfectionist can have its downfalls. Pun intended. 

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