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Just Breathe #MondayMotivation

Greetings this Monday! What kind of week have you had? If it was anything like mine you are at the beginning of another week trying to rekindle a sense of balance  for you and your family. Other than ensuring the typical (food, nap, outside, etc.)  you’re maybe also looking for some type of tangible motivation. So what motivates you? I used to think it was being with friends or doing something active in town. The older I get the more I desire to sit and be still, although this isn’t always an easy task.

I’ve learned also that my daughter has a much more peaceful day if she has opportunities to use her hands. In mommy terms, when we intentionally move or  use our bodies it instinctively calms our minds. Calming the mind is not something that comes easy to anyone. The first few times I decided I would try intentional  “solitude” my mind was preoccupied by things like laundry, meal planning, and how bad I realized I was at this activity!

I needed to learn from others how to make time for quiet and restoration. As I wrote last week, yoga has provided me with a physical medium. Today, for my daughter,  her physical medium to calming was playing with shaving cream at the table. We are slowly learning how to listen to what our bodies need and recognize that they are directly connected to our minds ability to balance. Sometimes it’s a walk, a bath, a book, a big glass of water, yoga, or some music. What is your body trying to tell you today? 

My hope is that today you are able to listen to your body and take just 5 minutes to breathe and take care of you so you are able to take care of others. Why? Because you are valuable and worth taking care of! 

"The secret lies in our ow breath.
breathing exercises, 
certain breathing 
techniques and some 
practice of meditation, 
we can rekindle positive 
vibrations within 
and around us." 
-- Sri Sri Ravi Shanka

Have a peaceful week.


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