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Getting to Know You Thursday with Penny #gettingtoknowyouthursday

Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week we are catching up with MBP contributor, Penny.  

What's for dinner tonight?

I've had a Frozen camp at my school this week and have been super busy.  I'm pulling out one of my new favorites....Chicken and Stuffing in the crock pot.  I just found this recipe recently and have made it a few times because it's so easy.  We all enjoy it so it has become one of our favorites.  Look for the recipe coming up soon on a Tasty Tuesday:)

Whatcha reading?

Right now, I'm readying an easy, fun read, 'Etta Mae's Worst Bad Luck Day'.  It's by Ann Ross.  She has written a really funny series of books about an older lady named Miss Julia and her friends and town.  They are funny books.  Check them out.

Listening to anything good?

Well...99% of the time I have Aiden in the car with me and he likes to listen to all the VBS music Cd's from the past 4 years.  We know each and every song by heart and love to sing along.  He also mixes it up sometimes and wants to hear Kids Bop Halloween because he loves the Ghostbusters song.  When I do get a little free time in the car, my radio stays on KLove!  I love the inspiration that station gives me!

What I'm loving this week....

My niece and nephew being here all week from Elizabeth City, NC.  Aiden is getting plenty of cousin time and is loving every second!  Sleepovers and having someone to play with are the best.  I have personally enjoyed getting a pedicure with my sweet niece.  We all went to our local Children's Theater and saw the production of 'Tarzan' and really enjoyed our time together. 

What I'm looking forward to....

Aiden going to spend a week in Elizabeth City with his cousins.  My husband and I are going to the beach while Aiden is on his "vacation" and I can not wait!!  Although I will miss him terribly, I know that he will be having so much fun. And I know we will enjoy our relaxing, quite time at the beach.  I plan to read and sleep....alot!!

Thanks for catching up with me this week.  I'd love to hear how your week is going...leave me some comments if you would like. 

Have a terrific Thursday!

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