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Friday's Day Trip to Carowinds #daytrips

Carowinds is a fun amusement and water park that is located on the NC/SC state line.  I have wonderful memories of childhood trips with all my cousins to Carowinds and love to look at pictures in my Mother's old photo albums.  My Grandmother would always tag along with us, as would my mom and my aunts.  Those were sure good times.  We decided to get season passes this year along with my cousins and their children.  I want Aiden to have the same great memories as I do.  We have been a couple of times and he loves it!  I don't really do the rides, so we save that part for when my husband is able to go with us.  My favorite thing is Boomerang Bay waterpark.  This has been added since I was young.  We spent a day there this past week.  Carowinds is only about an hour from our house but I had a dentist appointment one afternoon and Aiden had to go with me.  My dentist is about 30 minutes from Carowinds and I told Aiden if he was good we would head to the waterpark for the afternoon.  We arrived at 4:00 and had 3 hours in the waterpark...it closes a couple hours before the amusement part does.  There were plenty of people there, but I could defiently tell it was later in the day.  We had no trouble finding chairs to park our things at and the lines at the slides were not too bad.  Aiden's favorite things were the kids play area and the wave pool.  We were a little sad that the waves were not working this day but we enjoyed swimming around anyway.  Aiden loved to stand under the big bucket in the kids play area and wait on it to tip over and drench you.  We just had a great day together and I cherish this time with my sweet boy!!  He has a dentist appointment this week and we are going to sneek in another afternoon at the park.  He is already asking to ride some rides this time so I may have to put on my big girl panties and hit the rides with him.  The good thing is he is not tall enough to ride the big coasters yet!!  
I have a picture of my cousins and I about 35 years ago at this same sign.  Can't wait to take it this summer with Aiden and his cousins.  

My favorite slide at Boomerang Bay

Wave pool

This place is huge!!

Aiden with the bucket dumping over his head. 

If you are in the area or come to this area, check this fun place out with your family!!  Head over to the webpage and learn all about Carowinds...www.carowinds.com. 

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