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A Fun and Easy Start to Their Day (and Yours!) with Easy Daysies Starter Kits #Review + #Giveaway #BacktoSchool

Thank you to Easy Daysies for providing me with a product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

With the Back to School season upon us, the stress that comes along with getting back into that school day groove may seems a bit overwhelming. My family hasn't strayed too far from a regular half day of school routine this summer, because B has been attending summer play group for four mornings each week. I am very much a routine-oriented person, and don't like it when my schedule is interrupted. My four-year-old operates likes I do (for better or for worse), and from the moment his feet hit the wooden floors each morning to the moment his sleepy eyes are closing at bed time, he likes to follow a schedule, and do things in a certain order.

Our morning routine going smoothly sort of sets the tone for the rest of the day. B is becoming super independent, which is so wonderful. Having a guide that he can see and follow on his own each day gives him a bit more responsibility when it comes to daily tasks and chores. I have mulled over many ideas of what might work best for a 'chore chart,' but wanted to use something that would be fun, and age appropriate. Not too long ago, I found Easy Daysies, an award-winning company which offers magnetic schedule kits for kiddos!

I had the honor and pleasure of connecting with Mompreneur, Elaine Comeau, who founded Easy Daysies. Elaine is not only creator and CEO of Easy Daysies, she is mom to three children, and a classroom teacher in Canada. Easy Daysies is designed to help kids have easier, less anxious and more co-operative days. Many parents asked Elaine to create a similar routineboard/chart that she used in her classroom at school. There was such a demand for this type of product, that Elaine set to work at her kitchen table, and the product launched just a couple of days after the birth of her third child.

We were excited for the opportunity to try out Easy Daysies for ourselves.

We received the Every Day Starter Kit, and B couldn't wait to dig into it, and figure out how it all worked. The starter kit is appropriate for ages 3+, and includes a magnetic board, with task magnets and accessories. B immediately recognized some of the graphic images on the magnets, as well as some of the words.

The Starter Kit came with a fold & go magnet board, which can be hung up, or you can add a magnet to the back, and hang on the fridge, dishwasher, etc.

The magnetic board has a blank space at the top, where you can fill in your child's name, to personalize the board. The kit comes with a dry erase marker with attached magnet, and eraser on the cap. The kit also comes with a drawstring storage bag for unused magnets. There are 18 task magnets included with the kit, and add-on packs are available, as well.

We wrote B's name on his fold & go board, to personalize the responsibility chart, just for him!

The magnets each contain a graphic image, and large, bold words, which are easy for little ones to recognize or read. B was excited to see magnets for all of the activities he loves to do through out the day, and couldn't wait to organize them in order, on his magnetic board.

B, placing his daily tasks on the board.

We placed the magnets in order of his routine on the left side of the magnetic board, which is the 'To Do' side of the board. When B completes a task, he goes to the board, and slides the magnet over to the 'Done' column. This has quickly become a huge help to us, and has made our mornings run more smoothly than ever before. We start out with the tasks that take place from wake up time to school time. B goes through the list, in order, and 'checks off' his tasks by sliding them over. While B is at play school, I list his afternoon tasks, and they're ready for him when he gets home. He starts with eating lunch, and then we go through the rest of the daily tasks up to bed time.

Features of Easy Daysies Starter Kit

Kids can hang or bring their daily routine anywhere: from home to grandma's, or to the Baby-Sitter's!

Magnets are made with 70% recycled material.

Magnets in this kit: Get Dressed, Make Bed, Breakfast, Brush Teeth, Pack Backpack, School, Lunch, Clean Up, Homework, Nap Time, Family Time, Play / Free Time, Lunch, Dinner, Wash Hands and Face, Bath Time, Bed Time, one blank customizable magnet.

For Ages 3-12

Check out this fabulous video on Easy Daysies, 
featuring Founder, Elaine Comeau!

How to Use Easy Daysies (courtesy of Easy Daysies)

1. At home, start with only the morning routine or just the bedtime routine, depending on the area you want to work on.

2. Have your child look at the pictures and words to tell you what they are in order.   If the child is not yet reading, teach him/her to use the pictures and beginning letter sounds to guess what it says.  Later, you can move onto phonetically sounding out the words.

3. Ask them which task is first, then which is next.  

4. After completing ONE individual task come back and look at the Easy Daysies.  Ask your child what he or she did and have them point to it and locate it.  (At an early age children learn best visually and kinaesthetically… that is, seeing and doing).  With older children, ask them why they think one specific task comes before the other.  For example, Why do you think homework comes before free time?

5. Repeat the process of coming back to the Easy Daysies and cheering on your child.  They will be so glad and proud, and they will be excited about coming back to Easy Daysies the next day for a repeat performance!

6. Have fun with Easy Daysies.   When you are ready, or maybe as a reward, tell your child that he/she can make the Easy Daysies for Saturday or Sunday morning for the whole family.

7. Later on it will be fun for the child to help, and believe me, once they know the routine, they become more than proud to place it all by themselves!

Our Easy Daysies experience has been awesome. We are keeping the fold and go chart/board in B's room, where he can easily access it through out the day. It's one of the first things he sees and interacts with after he is out of bed each morning, and it's the first place he runs to (after a hug from mommy, and leaving his shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor), after he gets home from school. By following the routine, B feels a sense of structure, and security. He knows what to expect later in the day, and doesn't feel anxious about what 'might' come next. I look forward to purchasing some of the add-on kits for use with  Easy Daysies Starter Kit!

Check out add-ons and more...

Chores and Special Times Add-On Pack
Chores & Special Times

Get Dressed and Bathroom Routines Add-On Pack
Get Dressed & Bathroom Routine

NEW! Weekly Planner - A Peek At Our Family's Week
Weekly Planner

Classroom Management Bundle
Teacher Pack

Easy Daysies has won numerous awards! I always look for the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) seal on products for my son, and was so glad to see that Easy Daysies recieved their seal. Easy Daysies has also been approved by Shark Tank, and Dragons' Den! I give this product two thumbs up, and our MBP Seal of Approval, as well! Easy Daysies is perfect for use at home, on the go (help keep your child on schedule, even when on vacation!), and is a wonderful classroom aid. Teachers- check out the Easy Daysies Classroom Kits! 

Want it? Get it!

Easy Daysies would make a very special gift for your child or precious little one, and can also be very helpful to children with special needs. Help them ease back into the 'back to school' routine with Easy Daysies! Check out all of the Easy Daysies kits and add-on packs, and don't forget to browse the Easy Daysies blog for additional news and info. You can also connect with Easy Daysies through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Want it? Win it!

One lucky reader will win their own Easy Daysies Starter Kit, courtesy of Easy Daysies! What a fantastic way to jump start the new school year, or get your little one used to following a new routine! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Good luck!


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