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365 Acts of Kindness: Mail

Maybe I am showing my age by admitting this, but I love mail. I love getting it, but I also love sending it. In a world where email and text messages are the norm,  I think (hope) something tangible just means so much more. It tells the receiver you were thinking about them enough to seal up a note or package, look up their address, get the correct postage, and drop at a blue box or post office. 

I send cards for all the major holidays, I look forward to picking out (or in pre-baby days, crafting) our Christmas card, I buy the "funnest" stamps, and I'm always searching for the perfect postcards on vacation. But lately, with two aging grandmothers-in-law, friends going through difficult circumstances, new baby cousins, and people I just haven't seen in a while, I've taken to mailing random notes, photos, and small gifts guaranteed to make them smile. 

So take a few minutes and drop note or one of these 21 Things You'd Be Surprised You Can Mail to someone in a far away place or just down the road for no particular reason. If you can't make it to the post office for stamps, you can buy them online too! Who knows, maybe they will be like me and the toddler - watching the mail truck in hopes something good our way comes - and you will make their day! 

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