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We're Just Beachy #WordlessWednesdays

This week, our family is enjoying a much needed beach vacation. Hubby, B, and I are in Ocean Isle, NC, with Auntie Rachel (and Baby Hulk), Uncle Thomas, grandma, Miss Diane, Ampa, and Papa Willi. We have had nothing but gorgeous weather thus far. The water has been calm, the sun not too hot, and our beach house has been cozy. With three full beach days left, we're planning on living it up as much as possible until be have to head home. No one ever wants to leave the beach!

B's been practicing his boogie boarding skills this week!

We've dug some pretty big holes to make private beach pools.

We've spent some quality time together as a family, making new memories.

I've even managed a few quiet moments, alone.

I'm looking forward to taking a cup of coffee out on the beach tomorrow, and just sitting out on the beach, watching the water. The beach is such a calm place to be- my favorite place in the world to be, especially when I am there with my family. Our next summer adventure will take me to the beautiful NC mountains, and then the family will take a trip up north to NJ to visit the family... and then hubby and I are headed to New Orleans in October, to be there as my beautiful bestie ties the knot. Lot's of wonderful trips coming up for us-- but the beach, I love most of all.

Where are your favorite places to visit?

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